City of St. Petersburg Gives Residents Big Data Access


This new tool will allow the public to interact with live data across St. Petersburg’s departments and specific work projects.

Four months after the mayor of St. Petersburg, FL presented a big data concept called St. Pete Stat to a meeting of the National Council of Mayors, that concept has now become a reality. The tool allows city residents to access graphs, maps and charts, all live data, and interact with it to explore the city’s departments and ongoing and future work projects.

“We have been growing our stat program and integrating data into our work at City Hall for a while now, but this is truly the first time we’ve faced this amount of data outward so that our residents can learn more and hold us accountable. I couldn’t be more excited to show off this level of transparency,” said Mayor Rick Kriseman.

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Stat takes the city’s data and makes it easy for the public and each department to digest. Its open source format eliminates the red tape that often comes wound around public information requests and interdepartmental communications. The developers started by interview key individuals to understand what data and what analytics would be most helpful. The goal was to get all the data narrowed down to a “single source of truth” so that everyone would be getting the same insights and info.

According to the city’s announcement, the initial launch will include:

  • Project Stat, a tool that looks at all current city development projects
  • Performance Stat, a performance measurement tool for city departments
  • Open Stat, data inventory that’s published for citizens to consume

The tools will join Stat Map, which was launched in January. Stat Map shows a visualization of the city’s response to code enforcement complaints and police calls by location. Residents can sign up for customized alerts and follow trends.

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