Korea University and SK Telecom Team Up for Intelligent Medicine


An “Intelligent Medical Center” will feature IoT and artificial intelligence technologies.

Korea University Medical Center and SK Telecom have announced a new partnership that will result in the creation of an “Intelligent Medical Center”, the university announced. The new International Medical  enter will provide patient-oriented healthcare by using AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and MR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

According to Korea Biomedical Review, the two organizations have three specific projects planned:

  • Research and development of a voice recognition diagnostic system using AI
  • Integrated medical development using IoT
  • Implementation of a “multidisciplinary cooperative treatment system” and “VR live surgery” using MR.

“As the living standards improve thanks to the development of science and technology, the patient’s level of health has improved as well,” said Kim Hyo-Myung,, medical director of Korea University Anam Hospital. “It is necessary to constantly change and innovate ourselves to provide patient-oriented healthcare services and become a leading medical institution.”

The university stated that the AI-based voice recognition treatment system will create a database of patient info and use big data analytics to sort it. SK Telecom’s speech recognition engine will be used for continuous testing and in-depth learning of medical terminology.  They’ll use IoT to improve the patient experience from admission to discharge. IoT technology will provide patients with estimated wait and examination times and offer a mobile payment service.

“We will continue to develop and apply various IoT services, to create the best medical center in Korea with state-of-the-art facilities and services, aiming to launch it during the first half of 2017,” the university’s hospital said.


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