Comms Choice Overload Among Top 10 IoT Trends for 2018: Strategy Analytics

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According to IoT researchers Strategy Analytics, the key IoT trends impacting 2018 include ongoing security issues and the array of communications choices.

Strategy Analytics has released it’s Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2018 report, According to the report, the key IoT trends impacting enterprise participants this year include the ongoing need for strong security, the coming together of IT and operational technology, and the growing array of communication choices to choose from, including 5G.

The number of IoT continues to grow and the company says the visibility into the above challenges does as well. Security solutions must constantly evolve and adapt to changing and unforeseen vulnerabilities and risks, and organizations must grapple with the challenges of choosing the right network connectivity technology for their deployments.

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The convergence of OT and IT will be a critical issue as operational technology continues to generate data that is increasing in both volume and importance. AI, blockchain, and real-time location services are other trends discussed in the report.

Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise and IoT Research at Strategy Analytics, said, “The number one concern in the IoT remains security; where the increasing data volumes and procedures being driven by them, make it a critical challenge of any deployment. We expect to see companies embracing UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) solutions as the growth in distributed endpoints grows in tandem with the growth in Edge Computing. The security aspects of technologies such as Blockchain and infrastructure such as Edge Gateways do, however, illustrate how the security issue is being addressed throughout the IoT landscape.”

The full report, Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2018, is published by the Strategy Analytics IoT Strategies (IoT) service.

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