Kroger Adopts Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Self-Checkout Errors


The visual artificial intelligence technology will be deployed at 2,500 stores.

Major grocery store chain Kroger is adopting new technology to detect and reduce customer errors at self-checkouts. The company recently announced plans to roll out Everseen’s Visual AI technology to all 2,500 stores. Kroger tested the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform in select stores in March.

The company’s goal is twofold:

  • First, to decrease the frustration of self-checkout and improve customer experiences
  • Second, to improve loss prevention

This platform watches real-time video to learn regular check out processes and detect irregularities. When the technology identifies an issue, it intervenes and gives shoppers an opportunity to correct the error or call for help. When it spots common errors like improperly scanned items, the system alerts an employee via a mobile device.

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“We are laser-focused on making continuous improvements to customers’ experience across our stores,” said Mike Lamb, vice president of asset protection at Cincinnati-based Kroger.

By leveraging the AI and ML technology, the chain hopes to both remove customer frustrations and redirect expenses saved by controlling shrink to further customer service improvements.

Evergreen says their Visual AI technology tracks 20 million people and 160 million SKUs a day through global deployments. It enables automation of repetitive tasks, reduces shrink, and provides end-to-end supply chain visualization.

Visual AI technology continues to transform how retailers manage end-to-end operations to drive perpetual inventory accuracy, prevent stock loss, and empower autonomous processes, says Chris Taylor, chief sales officer for Everseen.

“Ultimately, our job is to take a customer-first approach to making retailers such as Kroger more efficient and profitable,” says Taylor.

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