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Lufthansa and Red Hat Codeshares for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure


The collaboration has created AVIATAR, an open platform helping to enable aviation industry customers to work better together.

Open source solution provider Red Hat has teamed up with aircraft repair and maintenance provider Lufthansa Technik (LT) to provide a hybrid cloud infrastructure based on Red Hat’s open source technologies running on Microsoft Azure.

Together the companies have created AVIATAR, a new open platform designed to enable aviation customers to improve their working relationships and provide new customer experience improvements via digital apps. Red Hat combined their Linux container and automation technologies with DevOps processes to help LT quickly create and deploy new apps and encourage integration between their infrastructure and third-party applications and services.

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“Red Hat is excited to help enable Lufthansa Technik’s digital transformation and its move towards a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Creating a new customer-centric digital portfolio which can cater to the demands of its aviation industry customers required a flexible architecture and a new way of working. Red Hat’s technologies are at the core of this organizational shift: Lufthansa Technik is offering an open technology platform that invites collaboration. Using its new agile, flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure, the company can focus on work that supports its primary goal: improving the experience of airline passengers,” Matthew Hicks, senior vice president, Engineering, Red Hat.

AVIATAR was designed to be an open and collaborative platform that offers a marketplace for a variety of digital products, applications, and services, all with the goal of making airline travel safer and more reliable by reducing delayed or canceled flights due to technical issues. The result they hope is smoother travel and improved customer experience.

LT created a hybrid cloud environment using Azure and their own infrastructure to run AVIATAR. This lets them be more efficient in releasing new components and allows them to provide a public cloud for their users.

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