National AI Research Resource Task Force Forms


The new task fore board includes members of the NSF, the Allen Institute for AI, Stanford University, Google, and the Department of Energy.

The Biden administration’s commitment to artificial intelligence continues with a new AI task force responsible for developing a roadmap to democratize access to research tools. The administration hopes to boost the economy through regular AI innovation by offering infrastructure and support to researchers and students.

The need for critical resources

Communities need access to critical research to foster development, but these resources may not be easy to get to for all organizations. The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation addressed this issue with the brand new task force. It will serve in a federal advisory capacity, supporting the National AI Research Resource.

Students and researchers in a variety of fields will receive access to computational resources, educational tools, and high-quality data. Even more significantly, the resource will also offer user support.

The task force plans to create a blueprint for deployment and ensure the resource remains a sustainable source of support. In addition, it will address requirements for security and privacy, as well as civil requirements like civil rights and liberties.

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A new AI vision

The new board includes members of the NSF, the Allen Institute for AI, Stanford University, Google, and the Department of Energy. The project will also seek out public input through a forthcoming request for information posted to the Federal Register. Participants can nominate experts from various fields to offer guidance and advice for addressing AI challenges and questions.

A planned National AI Advisory Committee (to be established soon) will also provide valuable feedback on AI topics. It will include considerations for economic development, the future of learning and training, and ethical issues.

The administration continues to support AI development for the good of the economy and to further the country’s focus on security and innovation. It’s one more step to maintaining the USA’s leadership in artificial intelligence.

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