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How Assisting Robotics Helps the Automotive Industry


Robotics drives today’s smart manufacturing lines in the automotive sector, but new technologies are making these robots even more efficient.

In today’s smart manufacturing processes, robotics are central to efficient and accurate production. But even robots can use an assist to increase productivity.

Enter Robeye, which uses an industrial camera attached to a robot arm to take images of the workplace and quickly identify all parts of a product. Images are sent to a connected computer, which relays to the robotic arm what to do next.

This solution is essential for automotive suppliers, which need to place parts onto a vehicle during the body-in-white stage of the assembly process. Robotic vision guidance is a requirement during this stage, because of the vast amount of differentiation between part size and weight on racks.

Recognition Robotics has 11 patents that cover part location and robotic guidance.

Using the ADLINK Neon-1020 smart camera, Robeye is now an all-in-one solution. Included in the Neon-1020 is a camera sensor, lens mount, PWM lighting control support and industrial computer. This allows all of the processing to be completed inside the unit, instead of sending data to a separate industrial computer, reducing the overall footprint.

“ADLINK is well known in the industry. They have been very flexible with us, they worked with us to get exactly what we needed out of an embedded sensor. There were specific features that we talked to ADLINK about, and they made sure we received exactly what we were looking for,” said Bradley Vargo, robotics guidance engineer at Recognition Robotics.

Alongside the reduced footprint, the Neon-1020 is also ruggedized, IP67 water resistant, and Windows compatible. The self-contained system allows factory operators to remotely program and monitor multiple robotic arms.

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