Teletrac Navman Helps Fleet Drivers with Weather Telematics


The new data partnership will give trucking fleets real-time weather telematics info on all kinds of hazardous road conditions.

Extreme weather and hazardous road conditions are big problems when it comes to fleet logistics, productivity, and safety. Last year the US had 16 different weather and climate disasters. Extreme weather and the hazards it produces are responsible for lost cargo, delivery delays, injured drivers and lost productivity.

GPS tracking SaaS provider Teltrac Navman is hoping to help reduce those problems by teaming up with Weather Telematics. The partnership will bring real-time road condition info to fleets via DIRECTOR Weather, a new API available in the Teltrac Navman DIRECTOR fleet management platform. In addition to real-time weather-based road conditions, the API offers predictive weather intelligence up to 6 hours in advance to give dispatchers the info they need to mitigate disruption from weather conditions. DIRECTOR Weather sends alerts for rain, snow, and ice as well as visibility, wind, lightning, hail, and hydroplaning risks.

“Weather Telematics employs a combination of actual weather conditions, data science and machine learning to offer fleets the unique ability to not only predict weather and weather-based road conditions but also take any necessary actions to reduce driver risk during inclement weather situations,” said Bob Moran, CEO, Weather Telematics, Inc. “We’re excited to partner with Teletrac Navman and empower DIRECTOR users with dynamic weather data.”

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The insights DIRECTOR provides allow fleet managers and dispatchers to decide if routes need to be adjusted or canceled and prevent drivers from getting into unsafe situations that could jeopardize both them and their cargo.

“Weather data is beautifully rendered on DIRECTOR’s maps in conjunction with the usual vehicle and fleet information we display,” said Michael Bloom, Director, Product Management, Teletrac Navman. “What’s different from other weather applications is that we’re able to convert weather information and present that as road conditions visually on the map—what our customers really want to know in terms of weather.”

According to the company, key features of DIRECTOR Weather include:

  • National Weather Service (NWS) provides Doppler radar mapping to note region-specific weather conditions at a glance.
  • Real-time maps identify weather-based road conditions and risks enabling management to plan effectively and guide drivers through risks like delays, hydroplaning, wind speed, visibility, hail, and lightning.
  • Two-way driver communications help drivers plan and take precaution during adverse weather and road conditions.

More information on Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Weather is available at DIRECTOR Weather overview.

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