Toshiba Unveils Microsoft Azure IoT-Certified Intelligent Edge Device


Toshiba’s dynaEdge leverages Microsoft Azure’s features to enable workers in the field to intuitively access and improve centralized resources.

Toshiba’s Client Solutions unit has announced a new edge computing device, dubbed dynaEdge. It’s a high-performance Windows 10-based mobile edge computing device that is Microsoft Azure IoT certified and designed to provide an intelligent cloud and intelligent edge platform. It uses both Azure Cognitive Services and machine learning to enable workers in the field to access and improve centralized resource. Its target user base includes remote maintenance, production lines, and other industrial uses. It integrates Skype for Business to provide a seamless communication interface between remote and onsite workers to improve efficiency and productivity.

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“We are thrilled that Toshiba is enabling intelligent cloud and intelligent edge solutions by bringing the innovative dynaEdge to market,” said Ruston Panabaker, Vice President, IoT Solutions, Microsoft. “Solutions that leverage intelligent edge devices like dynaEdge and Azure IoT services will help industrial organizations realize operational efficiencies, engage customers in new ways and take advantage of new business opportunities.”

“Toshiba is very excited to partner with Microsoft to create a truly innovative intelligent edge and cloud platform designed to meet the needs of fast-changing industries,” added Norimasa Nakamura, Executive Officer, Vice President, and General Manager, Client Solutions Division at Toshiba Client Solutions.

Toshiba Client Solutions provides cloud services, imaging products for the medical, security and manufacturing industries, data analytics, mobile computing devices, and IoT solutions. Toshiba plans to roll out the Azure certified dynaEdge very soon.

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