Why Relying on IT for Data Analytics Is a Mistake


By asking your IT department to implement data analytics, you are asking them to take the focus off of what they are trained to do and dabble into new areas of technology without having the expertise to do so.

Organizations are beginning to understand the importance of using data analytics to accelerate their digital business initiatives to remain competitive, according to a Gartner Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2021 report. Data analytics is shifting from being a secondary focus to a core function. However, business leaders often underestimate the complexities of data and end up missing opportunities. Another problem is that very often, they rely on their IT departments for data analytics, which can compromise the real-time value of data, making it unreliable for genuine business insights.

Your IT department is primarily concerned with maintaining security for your systems and keeping them operational. IT owns the business function of minimizing internal and external security risks and vulnerabilities and maintaining core business systems and operations. IT has service goals and focuses on help desk management, including responding to tickets, issue and resolution performance, and tracking. IT is concerned with uptime and minimizing downtime on both internal and customer-facing systems. This is critical and where you want to keep your IT department focused. 

Katie Horvath

About Katie Horvath

Katie Horvath is CMO of Aunalytics, a data platform company delivering Insights-as-a-Service for enterprise business. Prior to Aunalytics, she was the CEO of a data integration platform company and was recognized at that time as the first female leader in the field of big data in North America. Building on her passion for engineering and law, she kicked off a career in Silicon Valley, representing numerous start-ups and blue-chip companies before moving to Microsoft to manage IP for the company. Katie was recently appointed by the Governor of Michigan to serve the Michigan Women's Commission.

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