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Why Streaming Analytics is Critical to Real-Time and Transformation


Forrester Research has released a study that evaluates the top streaming analytics providers, like IBM, and shows how these firms can help generate critical insights.

In this fast-paced, real-time world we live in, enterprise applications need to be able to keep up the pace. Forrester Research has released a study that evaluates streaming analytics providers, identifying the 13 largest ones such as IBM, Impetus, and DataTorrent, to name a few.

Companies can benefit from knowing the importance of this software. Critically, streaming analytics solutions discover perishable insights that enterprises need to act on within a tight timeframe, or else the opportunity to change the course of business outcomes will be lost.

However, streaming analytics also goes beyond this. It also provides continuous integration, orchestration of business processes, and embedded execution of code, all driven by streaming data from a variety of data sources. AD&D professionals that are looking to enhance or build applications that sense, think, and act in real time will definitely benefit from reading this study.

Streaming analytics critical to orchestration

Streaming data is event data that represents something that has happened, whether it is digital or physical. Streaming analytics software is an important technology for orchestrating interactions between a complex portfolio of applications and data sources, and is best suited to internet of things (IoT) applications, because it is real-time, by nature, and rapidly releases sensor data that can be analyzed immediately. Several vendors provide edge versions of their streaming analytics solutions.

Forrester’s findings, after thorough research, analysis and scoring, share how each streaming analytics provider measures up and can assist delivery (AD&D) professionals in making the right decisions.

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