Zeta Serves Up Deep Analytics with Automated Cafeteria Portfolio


Zeta’s new features are designed to offer corporations and cafeteria vendors insights for better food management and overall cafeteria experience.

Fintech company Zeta announced it has expanded its automated cafeteria portfolio to include Express Insights, an advanced deep analytics tool. The new feature is designed to enable corporations and cafeteria vendors to improve food management and overall cafeteria experience.

Users of Zeta Express can now access Express Insights and data on vendor ratings, employee purchase behavior, vendor performance, and comparisons of cafeterias across different offices. They can also drill down to specific insights such as best and worst selling food items to help with inventory management and reduce waste. The new analytics tool lets cafeteria vendors manage both customer experience and their business needs all in one seamless platform that is easy to use and maintain.

“Data Analytics today is the bedrock of any business. Most companies are nowadays looking at real-time analytics for decision-making and Zeta Express® Insights will provide them with the required data for taking such decisions,” said Ramki Gaddipati, Zeta co-founder & CTO. “With this solution, companies can better manage their cafeteria inventory, get an insight into employees’ spend patterns, see a live menu, check vendor performance and conduct feedback surveys to understand the needs of their employees regarding facilities and cafeteria,” he added.

The company has also introduced a desktop-enabled POS solution that can use one device to accept orders and payments as well as dispense receipts. It uses Zeta’s payment suite that includes Super ID, Super Tag, and the Zeta app and can accept payments via third-party apps as well. Their applications can completely automate corporate cafeterias from ordering to payment and they offer the ability to personalize the set up for their needs.

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