451 Research Recaps the AWS Re:Invent 2018 Conference


The impact of the AWS 2018 re:Invent conference, which recently ended in Las Vegas, is just beginning to register across the entire web services industry.

The impact of Amazon Web Services’ 2018 re:Invent conference, which recently ended in Las Vegas, is just beginning to register across the entire web services industry. The mammoth conference, with more than 50,000 on-site participants (and 100,000 online), was the venue for multiple announcements that will have ramifications for hyperscalers, service providers of all types, hardware vendors, ISVs and enterprises, and others.

Among the attendees were several 451 Research analysts, each of whom views AWS through multiple lenses. A report issued by 451 provides a high-level take on what they think are the most interesting developments in seven key areas: portfolio cloud, hybrid cloud, partner impacts, security, storage, migration, and company performance.

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Improving enterprise compatibility and friendliness continues to be a major focus of AWS’s service development and partnership efforts, observed Melanie Posey, Research Vice President and General Manager, Voice of the Enterprise. New offerings, such as AWS Control Tower and AWS Security Hub, provide the centralized management, visibility, controls and metrics required to make AWS ‘safe’ for the enterprise.

“Continued collaboration with VMware (VMC on AWS, AWS Outposts) underscores AWS’s drive to reposition itself – from being a ‘toolbox for tinkerers’ to a fully loaded enterprise cloud platform,” Posey said. “As part of this evolution, AWS’s narrative has migrated from an exclusive focus on ‘cloud developers’ to a broader up-the-stack callout to ‘cloud builders.’”

AWS also introduced a wide range of tools that seem to overlap with capabilities around which partners build their value.

“Enablement partners can look at new AWS platform features and capabilities as signposts guiding the development of their own capabilities,” said Liam Eagle, Research Manager, Cloud, Hosting and Managed Services.

For more information on the 451 Research report, please click here.

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