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real time analytics news

In this week’s real-time analytics news: BMC adds new capabilities to its Automated Mainframe Intelligence portfolio, Intel intros 12th Gen Core Processors for edge, and more.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here are some of the news items from this week:

BMC announced new capabilities and integrations across its BMC AMI (Automated Mainframe Intelligence) and BMC Compuware portfolios. Together, the innovations help customers improve service quality and accelerate software delivery by providing greater data visibility and context-based insights across their IT environments.

The new BMC AMI Ops integration with Splunk, coupled with the BMC AMI Security integration, allows an extensive collection of enriched security data, operations, and performance information to be visible to security and operations teams. This shared visibility, together with a greater frame of reference, enables teams to surface and investigate threats that might have otherwise gone undetected before they impact business services.

The BMC Helix Discovery solution now automatically maps and visualizes service dependencies across mainframe and distributed environments using application network connection details sent from the BMC AMI Ops product. This allows users to prioritize problems according to the possible business impact. The added visibility and context across systems help enterprises resolve service issues faster and improve service quality.

Intel launched 12th Gen Intel Core processors (code-named Alder Lake S-series and H-series), the first family of processors enhanced for the edge to feature performance hybrid architecture that combines Performance-cores and Efficient-cores with Intel Thread Director. Enhanced to accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) application innovation, the new processors offer retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and digital safety customers increased core counts and advanced graphics/media/display and AI capabilities, as well as a wide range of price, performance, and power.

Provectus released the redesign of UI for Apache Kafka service as a part of its v0.3 update. The update also includes optimizations of the product’s performance and security, and presents new features, such as LDAP authentication and Docker ARM & Apple M1 support. The clean UI of the tool makes it easy to keep track of such metrics as Brokers, Topics, Partitions, Production, and Consumption, without having to use additional CLI tools.

John Snow Labs released Spark NLP 3.4.0, which extends the support for Apache Spark 3.2.x major releases on Scala 2.12. The company now supports all five major Apache Spark and PySpark releases of 2.3.x, 2.4.x, 3.0.x, 3.1.x, and 3.2.x at once, helping the community to migrate from earlier Apache Spark versions to newer releases without being worried about Spark NLP end of life support. This release also extends support for new Databricks and EMR instances on Spark 3.2.x clusters.

Real-time analytics news in brief

Deeplite announced Deeplite Runtime (DeepliteRT), a new addition to its platform that makes AI models even smaller and faster in production deployment without compromising accuracy. Customers will benefit from lower power consumption, reduced costs, and the ability to utilize existing Arm CPUs to run AI models.

Sensory Inc. announced the beta release of, a complete AI as a Service platform designed for processing voice and vision AI workloads in the cloud. Leveraging Sensory’s experience with voice and vision AI, the SensoryCloud platform is launched with AI services such as Speech to Text, Sound Identification, Wake Word Verification, Face Verification, and Speaker Identification. Additional services and updates will be offered throughout the year.

IBM Watson Advertising announced the availability of data from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, on AWS Data Exchange, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The AWS Data Exchange allows businesses to easily find and subscribe to third-party data in the cloud. The weather datasets can help analyze how weather affects consumer purchasing across different categories such as pharmaceuticals, apparel, consumer packaged goods, and indoor and outdoor activities.

Sonantic has partnered with Mercedes-Benz AG on its latest technology platform for VISION EQXX. Sonantic’s technology creates hyper-realistic artificial voices that can be sculpted, edited, and directed to sound just like a human voice. The proprietary technology focuses on the nuances of human speech –such as accents, pitch, pacing, and a full range of emotions and delivery styles – to create captivating, AI-generated voice performances.

1NCE and Amazon Web Services (AWS) joined forces pushing forward the expansion of 1NCE’s IoT platform on a global scale. 1NCE’s software offering on AWS enables IoT developers to quickly integrate cellular IoT connectivity into their own solutions with plug & play functionalities. The collaboration allows for expansion via AWS infrastructure, helping to bring the 1NCE IoT platform closer to its customers, wherever they are. 

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Moogsoft announced its partnership with Alesia Labs (Activesec). Through this partnership, Moogsoft will enhance Alesia’s observability portfolio with AIOps capabilities, such as noise reduction, anomaly detection, and insight enrichment.

Bodo announced a collaboration with Xilinx to further develop parallel computing technology that will simplify access to highly efficient media processing on FPGA-enabled clusters. The move is designed to benefit developers of media workflows who, for the first time, will be able to write simple Python code yet access the highest levels of parallel performance available from FPGA clusters.

Alteryx announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Trifacta. Trifacta offers cloud-first capabilities to help enterprises drive their analytics transformation and has gained a strong footprint into Global 2000 and large enterprises. This acquisition will anchor and accelerate Alteryx’s journey to the cloud and open new categories of buyers across IT within large enterprises.

Anomalo announced a partnership with Snowflake to help customers trust the data they use to make decisions and build products. The combination provides customers with a way to monitor the quality of the data in any table in Snowflake’s platform without writing code, configuring rules, or setting thresholds. Anomalo addresses the data quality problem by monitoring enterprise data and automatically detecting and root-causing data issues, allowing teams to resolve any hiccups with their data before making decisions, running operations, or powering models.

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