5G Rollout Acceleration Aim of EU Effort


Member states hope that secure, fast, and reliable 5G connections will support Europe’s recovery from the recent pandemic.

Europe’s drive to facilitate its 5G rollout and reduce the cost of network connectivity came together recently as member states built a suite of best practices –The Connectivity Toolbox. With this effort, the commission recommended a first step towards universal adoption.

Member states hope that secure, fast, and reliable connections will support Europe’s recovery from the recent pandemic. Businesses are moving forward with initiatives to future-proof further economic interests, and these initiatives could smooth the path ahead.

Commenting on the effort, Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, said:

“Faster and more efficient networks will benefit every citizen and every business in Europe. We have set clear priorities, including through the Recovery and Resilience Facility, to remove obstacles to digital investments and pave the way for the deployment of gigabit networks. We are therefore determined to achieve them by working together, learning from each other, and acting timely.”

The recent meeting allowed member states to convene to share best practices for the rollout of these high-capacity networks. States will have until the end of March 2021 to develop the Toolbox fully for deployment.

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Cutting network costs

The EU is working towards their 2025 Gigabit initiatives, requiring collaboration to ensure not just faster systems but efficient ones. States are working to reduce the costs of deployment. They’ll be removing major obstacles to the rollout, specifically in administrative practices:

  • Establishing a single information point (SIP) for submitting permit applications
  • Making information for existing infrastructure more readily available
  • Expanding access rights to physical infrastructures intersecting with new connectivity tech
  • Developing an environmental strategy for communication networks

Why Europe wants 5G

5G is the key to innovation, and Europe is banking on its rollout to facilitate its economic recovery. It brings significant opportunities for education, business, production, healthcare — almost every industry will build new initiatives thanks to 5G, fiber, and the promise of reliable and extensive connectivity.

Europe must provide timely access to the radio spectrum to telcos. Countries report that best practices for easing this access include:

  • Financial incentives to make conditions investment-friendly
  • Coordination for seamless cross border frequency
  • Research and transparency with the public’s concern for EMF (electric and magnetic fields)

The March milestone

Members states will nail down best practices by their March deadline. They’ll coordinate and collaborate to reach their Gigabit Connectivity 2025 goal and support further objectives by the European Electronic Communications Code, a guideline coming into play by the end of the next year.

These remain vital goals in the recovery plans the EU has for weathering further disruptions and encouraging big innovation. The commission is working on the directives and gathering views through public consultation.

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