Amazon’s AWS Speeds Cloud with Per-Second-Billing


Amazon introduced per-second-billing for a few important services provided by its AWS division a few months ago. Since then, many companies offer the same.

As per a recent report by CB Insights, Amazon introduced per second-billing for a few important services provided by its AWS division a few months ago. By offering this special feature, users of this cloud computing service can now save money, getting specific tools for a better price.

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After the launch, many in the cloud computing industry jumped to provide similar services. Google is now offering the same program for even more of its cloud services. Now, more specialized companies, such as the startup, Snowflake Computing, which offers data warehousing in the cloud, are beginning to follow suit, setting the precedent for a bigger trend.

Cloud computing companies are now in the process of trying to make their products more easily accessible to those who cannot afford as much, such as small companies and self-employed individuals.

Per-Second-Billing Offers a Major Impact

There are many reasons why this is so important. A way to better understand cloud computing is to think of it as computing capacity, or data storage that can grow and shrink according to the needs of an organization.  For example, to handle a sudden spike in users, adjustments can be made.

Per-second-billing is the newest manifestation of a world heading towards democratized and hyper-fractionalized access to our most useful tools. It allows for incredible amounts of information to be shared quickly. Just think about a massive data set, or quantum computing capacity, which is a kind of supercomputer that uses quantum physics to vastly outperform conventional supercomputers, being billed within seconds.

In regards to smaller companies, the ability to harness just a few minutes of time with these tools allows for endless new possibilities. People can most likely expect to see more companies offering this service soon.

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