Aura Vision Labs Unveils AI Retail Analytics Program


The University of Southampton displayed a few of its tech incubator inventions at CES 2018, as part of its Future Worlds display.

Aura Vision Labs demonstrated an artificial intelligence analytics platform at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, which is able to identify gender, age, and clothing styles.

The start-up is part of the University of Southampton’s tech incubator, Future Worlds.

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Aimed at retailers, the analytics platform is able to use low-cost cameras, like the ones used in most stores as CCTV, to identify key demographics and characteristics.

Postgraduate student Daniel Martinho-Corbishley said: “There are over 245 million professionally installed video surveillance cameras in operation globally, but only one percent of this footage is currently being analyzed.

“Our technology harnesses this fantastic source of video data, working with low-cost cameras and existing security systems to provide retailers with a simple, cost-effective way to gain more accurate, in-depth and real-time information than has ever been possible before.”

The start-up also sees the platform being used in smart cities, where technology enhances public services through data collection. CCTV cameras checking activity at bus stations throughout the day may lead to closure of unused stations or more bus routes to active stations.

The ability to instantly recognize disruption or emergencies may also help law enforcement and other emergency services act faster.

The platform should level the playing field when it comes to data collection between brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Online retailers already take customer’s age, gender, and can estimate on income from the customer’s address.

Aura Vision Labs was one of a few inventions showcased by Future Worlds at CES 2018.

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