Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending October 9


In this week’s real-time analytics news: Taos seeks to accelerate cloud adoption, NVIDIA and VMware intro an AI-ready platform, and more.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here are some of the news items from this week:

Taos, an IBM Company, announced new offerings designed to accelerate cloud adoption and secure their environments. The key offerings launched are:

  • Taos Cloud Advisory Services: A suite of consulting services that help customers maximize opportunities of using public cloud while reducing implementation risks. The first advisory service in the suite is the Application Modernization Advisory Service, created to increase the adoption of containerized workloads.
  • DevSecOps Now:  DevSecOps Now makes Taos expertise in security and DevOps available through a flexible monthly subscription service. Taos security consultants work alongside customer teams to harden their security posture in hyperscaler environments.

NVIDIA and VMware have collaborated to develop an AI-ready enterprise platform. Businesses can now run trials of their AI projects using vSphere with Tanzu in conjunction with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, which is an end-to-end, cloud-native suite of AI and data analytics frameworks and tools optimized, certified, and supported by NVIDIA to enable the rapid deployment, management, and scaling of AI applications in the modern hybrid cloud.

UiPath previewed new features at its user conference that will arrive in its next platform update, UiPath 2021.10. New features that will be generally available beginning October 25 include:

  • UiPath Integration Service, which delivers API automation to help companies optimize the technology they already have and will include more than 70 pre-built connectors out of the box by year-end.
  • Powering the mission-critical role of automation in the enterprise, whichfeatures capabilities that give IT confidence in automation, specifically Endpoint Protection Integration and the introduction of Robot Auto-healing.
  • Cloud-native automation, which gives UiPath customers the benefits of a cloud-native architecture, however they choose to take delivery of the UiPath platform.
  • Accelerating development and use of automation, where2021.10 features new features that make UiPath simpler, faster, and more gratifying for developers and end-users alike.

Software AG launched several new functions for ARIS, which will help companies to automate how they manage digital transformation. The latest Process Mining functionalities for ARIS will give customers a more in-depth understanding of how processes are working and what causes them to slow down. At the same time, a number of automation tools that support cultural and language differences will help companies to design and roll out changes globally more quickly. The company also announced new ways for businesses to automate their connected enterprises through its webMethods platform for APIs, integration, and microservices. Through its new DataHub, Developer Portal, and Managed File Transfer (MFT) tools, and hundreds of connectors and integration recipes, companies can simplify and automate key steps to becoming a connected enterprise.

Dell Technologies announces new cloud and IT offerings, co-engineered with VMware, to speed how organizations consume, manage and act on critical data. Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud provides secure and consistent operations across multi-cloud environments. The new Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering gives organizations the ability to move workloads across multiple cloud environments and scale resources quickly with predictable pricing and transparent costs. The Dell-managed offering assists organizations to meet local regulatory requirements and helps protect them from malicious attacks with built-in cyber resiliency.

Akridata announced the launch of the Akridata Edge Data Platform, which creates and manages smart data pipelines and AI workflows spanning Edge-Core-Cloud resources. The Akridata software provides a decentralized structure and scalable process to deliver curated, consistent, and relevant AI data sets. The software solves the problems that emerge when streams of rich data from physically scattered Edge devices create an avalanche of data.

John Snow Labs, developer of the Spark NLP library, announced that it will enable free access to its enterprise-grade Annotation Lab and NLP Server software for all users. The Annotation Lab, a robust data labeling and AI/ML solution for teams, enables users to annotate documents, images, and videos. The software automatically trains models using active learning and transfer learning. The project-based workflow helps users leverage real-time analytics on productivity, dataset bias, and more. exited stealth and introduced its solution to deliver runtime protection for cloud-native applications that includes network traffic controls with self-healing micro-segmentation, data loss prevention, continuous cloud security posture management, and cloud workload protection. provides a unified solution across the major public cloud infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud.

ScaleOut Software announced major extensions to its ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service that enable real-time digital twin software to implement and host machine learning and statistical analysis algorithms that immediately identify unexpected behaviors exhibited by incoming telemetry. Real-time digital twins can now make extensive use of Microsoft’s ML.NET machine learning library to implement these groundbreaking capabilities for virtually any IoT device or source object.

Streamlit announced that Streamlit 1.0 is generally available. The open-source project has more than 16,000 GitHub stars, has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times, and is used by more than 10,000 organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 50. It is a powerful and easy-to-use framework that lets data scientists quickly build web apps to access and explore machine learning models, advanced algorithms, and complex data types.

Aible announced a new collaboration with Intel to help enterprises fast-track benefits from AI. Aible’s AutoML platform helps enterprises measure and optimize the impact of their AI solutions to achieve business goals. The Intel and Aible collaboration will focus on utilizing the built-in AI acceleration of Intel Xeon Scalable processors to deliver peak performance and efficiencies from end to end across the machine learning lifecycle. Additionally, they will launch a new AI benchmarking program at the 2021 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo on October 18-21 and at the Intel ON Innovation event on October 27-28.

Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, announced the release of Ubuntu Frame, a new solution that lets developers easily build and deploy graphical applications for interactive kiosks, digital signage, or any other products that require a graphical output. Using Ubuntu Frame means less code to manage, fewer opportunities for bugs and vulnerabilities in untried code, and more time for developing the content of the display.

Odesso announced its Appian Performance Tuner (APT). The APT helps organizations using Appian accelerate their automation workflows. The APT created by Odesso is engineered to identify and remedy latency issues (potentially residing in more than one layer of the technology stack) quickly and with minimal impact on business continuity.

TigerGraph announced TigerGraph 3.2, a release that includes more than 40 enterprise features for availability, scalability, manageability, and security. New enterprise-grade capabilities in the release include:

  • Business continuity support via cross-region replication of TigerGraph clusters
  • Demonstrated scale via the 30TB LDBC-SNB BI benchmark
  • Simplified management via cluster resizing, faster backup and restore, and direct control over resource allocation for big queries
  • State-of-art cloud management via built-in Kubernetes support
  • Security and access control at scale via user-defined roles

Real-time analytics news in brief:

ServiceNow and Celonis announced a strategic partnership that will combine ServiceNow’s low-code workflow platform with the real-time process execution capabilities of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS).

Chronosphere announced that it has added distributed tracing capabilities to its platform. Organizations can now ingest distributed traces at scale, seamlessly integrated alongside with metrics, to triage and understand the root cause of problems more rapidly. This addition extends Chronosphere’s platform to have complete coverage across the three phases of observability: notification, triage, and root cause analysis.

Styra, the founders of Open Policy Agent (OPA), announced a new partnership with Kong. Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) is now integrated with Kong Mesh, an enterprise-grade service mesh built on top of open-source Kuma, so security and operations teams can more easily meet internal and external regulations. Styra DAS and Kong Mesh together give teams granular control over traffic flow, and the real-time monitoring and historical audit records required to secure services and prove compliance.

Invent Analytics announced its new integrated omnichannel supply chain planning solution, Omni-AI, for retailers. Omni-AI orchestrates a retailer’s entire supply chain by unifying network planning, inventory and price optimization, and fulfillment in one common framework.

Moogsoft announced a partnership with monitoring solution provider IRIS Network Systems. Through this partnership, Moogsoft will enhance IRIS’s monitoring solution with AIOps capabilities, such as noise reduction, anomaly detection, and insight enrichment.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and ETQ announced a partnership to assure quality from concept to customer, enabling improved data-driven decision-making throughout the entire manufacturing product lifecycle. The partnership will help manufacturers produce better, more consistent products in less time and with fewer resources and enable progressive, smart manufacturing strategies.

Propel announced the Propel Supplier Community, a new solution to improve supply chain collaboration. It will allow manufacturers to manage dynamic supply networks more effectively within a modern, secure environment optimized for rapid onboarding, continuous performance monitoring, and immersive collaboration.

Databricks announced the acquisition of German startup 8080 Labs. 8080 Labs is the maker of bamboolib, a popular UI-based data science tool that enables fast and easy data exploration and transformation with a matter of clicks, not code. The new UI-driven capabilities will be integrated across Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform, marking the company’s expansion into the low-code/no-code space.

NetApp announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CloudCheckr. With CloudCheckr, the Spot by NetApp portfolio will offer cost visibility, analytics, management, and optimization to help organizations continuously control their cloud infrastructure resources.

Loft Labs announced integrations with GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD. This enables users to create ephemeral Kubernetes clusters in order to preview applications and run test suites as part of CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) pipelines.

Alteryx announced that it has acquired Hyper Anna, a cloud platform for generating artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automated insights from data. The acquisition of Hyper Anna will allow Alteryx to automate the end-to-end analytic pipeline from data sources to AI-driven insights.

insightsoftware announced it has acquired Exago, which offers an embedded BI solution with seamless integration for customer-facing web applications. This acquisition further establishes Logi Analytics, a division of insightsoftware, and Exago’s common vision of simplifying the process for business professionals to access and manipulate their data, no matter their technical capabilities.  

Iguazio announced its availability in the AWS Marketplace. This new availability provides AWS customers with access to Iguazio’s MLOps solution, which automates machine learning (ML) pipelines end-to-end and accelerates deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) to production.

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