Aurangzeb Khan

About Aurangzeb Khan

Aurangzeb Khan was co-founder, President & CEO of Altia Systems,and is now SVP, Intelligent Vision Systems at GN Jabra, following the merger of Altia Systems with GN Jabra. Earlier, Aurangzeb was President & CEO at Everspin Technologies (NASD: MRAM; $100M IPO). He was co-founder, President & CEO at Altius Solutions and, immediately following the merger Simplex Solutions, contributed to the IPO in May 2001 (NASD: SPLX; $300M). Aurangzeb held senior engineering and general management positions at Cadence (CDNS), Cirrus Logic (CRUS), Tandem Computers (NYSE: TDM, now part of HP) and Fairchild.