Ken Arora

About Ken Arora

Ken Arora is a Distinguished Engineer in F5's Office of the CTO, focusing on addressing real-world customer needs across a variety of cybersecurity solutions domains, from application to API to network. Some of the technologies Ken champions at F5 are the intelligent ingestion and analysis of data for the identification and mitigation of advanced threats, the targeted use of hardware acceleration to deliver solutions at higher efficacy and lower cost, and the design of user experiences based on intent and workflows. Prior to F5, Mr. Arora co-founded a company that developed a solution for ASIC-accelerated pattern matching, which was then acquired by Cisco, where he was the technical architect for the Cisco ASA Product Family. In his more distant past, he was also the architect for several Intel microprocessors. His undergraduate degrees are in Astrophysics and Electrical Engineering from Rice University.