Michael C. Skurla

About Michael C. Skurla

Michael C. Skurla is the Chief Product Officer of Radix IoT, which offers limitless monitoring and management rooted in intelligence. He sets cutting-edge product strategy for the company’s IoT platform. Michael has over 25 years of experience in control automation and IoT product design with fortune 500 companies, focusing on the intersection of software and hardware that emphasizes data aggregation and analytics for mission-critical industries. As a well-recognized thought leader and a contributor to such top industry publications as Critical Facilities, Oilman Magazine, IoT Playbook, IoT News, Digitalisation World (UK), LD+A, among others, he is a frequent lecturer on the topic of outcome-based analytics and consolidated data methodologies for building and industrial applications to drive efficiency and alternative business outcomes through data. Michael is a contributing member of ASHRAE, USGBC, and IES Education.