BluLogix Debuts Platform for IoT Service Providers


BluLogix has completed integrations with AT&T Control Center and Verizon ThingSpace to ensure network data capture can be aggregated with IoT platform data.

Cloud services company BluLogix announced the launch of a new platform for IoT service providers. 

BluLogix says its new platform is built around a powerful analytics engine that can capture, analyze and package large quantities of data from multiple platforms and network providers.

The company says the new platform is integrated with AT&T Control Center and Verizon ThingSpace to ensure network data capture can be merged with IoT platform data. Provisioning automation for both services is now provided from the BluLogix storefront, so customers can self-serve device deployments on an as-needed basis or in response to a high capacity or overage situation.

“One of the most exciting revelations, many of our IoT providers find, is that once they separate the data from the device, new market opportunities arise. From these new market opportunities evolve new data centric services. This cycle seems to be self-perpetuating,” says Tim Cook, CEO of BluLogix.

BluLogix says the new platform can also ease the complexities of data capture needed to automate provisioning. It’s touted as having a tool called “guided selling,” which allows users to automate process execution using a series of dialogue boxes. The company says its guided selling feature reduces the time and resources needed to deliver complex services.

Current customers have already been automatically upgraded to the new platform.


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