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Upsolver announced the general availability of SQLake, a new service that provides a SQL-based, self-orchestrating data pipeline platform that ingests and combines real-time events with batch data sources for up-to-the-minute analytics.

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Upsolver announced the general availability of SQLake. The new service provides a SQL-based, self-orchestrating data pipeline platform that ingests and combines real-time events with batch data sources for up-to-the-minute analytics. It is available at a price of $99 per TB ingested, with no charge for transformation processing, and no minimum commitment. Additionally, with SQLake, users no longer need to develop, test, and maintain complicated orchestration logic, optimize their data by hand, or manually scale their infrastructure. It’s all automatic.

IBM rolled out IBM Cloud for VMware as a Service. The combination of IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy and VMware capabilities helps global clients and partners modernize their workloads and expedite time to value in hybrid cloud environments. In particular, the service is for businesses that want to modernize their VMware workloads and who need to be able to derive value from the speed and scale of cloud while maintaining the highest level of resiliency and security needed for mission-critical workloads.

Panasas announced new data insight and mobility products joining the company’s PanFS software suite. The PanView and PanMove software solutions bring enhanced data management and analytics tools to Panasas storage that improve visibility and portability of precious data assets at organizations deploying high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analytics (HPDA), and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) workloads at scale.

Real-time analytics news in brief

Alphanumeric Systems Inc. announced the launch of its new Conversational AI services suite, a multi-tiered service offering that will support life sciences companies to meet Conversational AI-related objectives. The company notes that conversational AI technology has been around for decades, but it has only recently begun to be used extensively in the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers have found that conversational AI can be used for a variety of tasks, including appointment scheduling, patient education, disease management, and customer service.

Avantra announced the launch of its latest software release, Avantra 23. The new Avantra 23 platform update helps businesses that rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems manage the issues that arise from the increased use of hybrid architectures and the growing complexity in SAP operations. To that end, the updates deliver service quality for SAP operations with ready-to-use workflow automation templates, including SAP system refresh, automated SAP security analysis, and much more.

Azion announced the release of the Azion Build product suite. The suite boosts developer velocity by making modern serverless edge applications simpler and faster to create. With Azion Build, developers have the flexibility to build any kind of edge application from scratch, or by adapting what they’ve already created, using a variety of tools and capabilities. Developers can then deploy and scale these apps on Azion’s serverless edge platform while maintaining flexibility, performance, reliability, and security. 

Clumio announced new capabilities that will allow enterprises to protect their AWS data at any scale and recover from disruptions instantly, all while optimizing their cloud costs. These benefits will allow enterprise customers to simplify the protection and recovery of large data lakes, application data, and sensitive information on AWS. Key new features include continuous air-gapped protection for any volume of data, instant recovery for Amazon S3, and intelligent data protection recommendations to optimize cost efficiency.

Coalition announced newly available application programming interfaces (APIs) for management liability through Executive Risks Insurance. Coalition’s new APIs allow agencies to integrate Coalition’s Active Insurance directly into any platform, streamlining the rating, quoting, and binding process to achieve faster coverage. The APIs will enable more agencies to embed Coalition into their platform of choice for more efficient quoting and an easier path to bind coverage. Coalition APIs are available today for Coalition’s United States Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance and Employment Practice Liability (EPL).

Cribl announced a series of advancements in the Cribl Suite that add visibility and access to data across the enterprise, removing blind spots for security and IT teams. Now generally available, Cribl Search is a search-in-place query tool, allowing enterprises to increase the scope of analysis without requiring the cost or complexity of first shipping, ingesting, and storing the data. In addition, the Cribl Suite now features a streamlined user experience across all products and fleet management enhancements to simplify the management of tens of thousands of distributed sources. announced a new version of its natural language (NL) platform featuring powerful enhancements. Combining machine learning (ML) and symbolic knowledge representation (hybrid AI), the updated platform further facilitates the design, development, and deployment of language models and accelerates the production of enterprise applications through accurate language understanding at scale. Upgrades to the award-winning platform include new solutions for pharma and life sciences, AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA), expanded deployment options, a new operational monitoring dashboard, and more.

Fortanix announced it has launched a “free tier” of its Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS offering. Available now, the new free tier offering, named Fortanix DSM Explorer, is fully backed by Fortanix, including the ability to raise support tickets and receive updates and fixes. While the DSM Enterprise tier provides organizations access to the full suite of data security use cases, the new DSM Explorer tier is ideal for smaller organizations or teams that would like to quickly prove time-to-value with select use cases in production before considering the enterprise version.

Immuta announced an enhancement to its audit capabilities with the launch of its Unified Audit Model (UAM), which enriches Immuta’s Data Security Platform audit capabilities. UAM features a unified structure, new API, audit log exporter, and command line interface (CLI) that enables customers to better manage and leverage the large quantity of Immuta’s audit logs for enhanced data security and compliance. It is currently available for customers of Databricks and Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, with plans to expand the services to other platforms imminently.

Lumen Technologies (“Lumen”) launched its Edge Bare Metal services for the Asia Pacific (“APAC”) market. Lumen Edge Bare Metal offers dedicated, pay-as-you-go server hardware hosted in distributed locations connected to the Lumen global fiber network. It delivers high application performance from running on edge nodes designed for 5 milliseconds or less latency over the Lumen fiber network, as well as enhanced security and connectivity designed to isolate and protect data.

Neo4j announced the general availability of Neo4j 5, its next-generation cloud-ready graph database. Neo4j 5 improves the performance of native graphs over traditional databases while providing easier scale-out and scale-up across any deployment, whether on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud. The result empowers organizations to create and deploy intelligent applications at large scale and achieve greater value from their data more quickly.

ScaleOut Software introduced a new Java client API for its distributed caching platform, ScaleOut StateServer, adding new features and reliability improvements. The ScaleOut Java client API enables applications to store and retrieve POJOs (plain old java objects) from multiple ScaleOut in-memory data grids and provides an easy-to-use, fast, cloud-ready caching API. The Java client API can be used within any web application and independent of any framework. This means that organizations can easily incorporate the ScaleOut client API within their existing application architectures.

SEON launched a forever-free version of its fraud prevention platform to help fight cybercrime. The free plan will support up to 2000 API calls each month at a rate of two queries per second (QPS). As such, the free version is an ideal solution for any small business that needs immediate and effective fraud prevention. The free version also includes email support from the company’s top-class customer success team.

Snow Software announced new and enhanced capabilities to support IT leaders seeking to negotiate better contract terms, lower operating expenses, and boost organizational-wide efficiencies. The latest features provide new ways to optimize costs and ensure the value of complex technologies like containers and cloud services. For example, container visibility, one of the newest innovations on the Snow Atlas platform, provides details on applications running in Kubernetes containers to identify cost savings.

Snowflake announced new innovations that allow application development and enable developers, data engineers, and data scientists to build directly in the Data Cloud. Specifically, Snowflake is now advancing its Streamlit integration (in development), so developers can bring their data and machine learning (ML) models to life as secure, interactive applications — all within Snowflake. The integration will allow developers to create applications with Python using their data in Snowflake, deploy and run these applications on Snowflake’s secure and governed platform, and share their applications with business teams to further unlock the value of data and ML models.

TDengine released a new PI Connector for its popular, cloud-native time-series data platform. The TDengine PI Connector is a simple and powerful solution that allows PI customers to build a hybrid solution leveraging their existing investment while giving them a path forward to expand their historian and data analytics. In particular, the new connector allows enterprises in manufacturing, utilities, and other industries to replicate PI data to TDengine with just a few clicks – instantly moving legacy system data into a modern technology stack for open and cost-effective real-time analytics. 

Tellius announced the latest version of its decision intelligence platform with new features, including Multi-Business View Vizpads, which helps users gain greater visibility into data across sources without needing to toggle through multiple dashboards, enabling better collaboration, efficiency, and decision-making across different functions. This and other enhancements in Tellius 4.0 will help users unify insights for more holistic views, accelerate ad hoc analysis in an enterprise-controlled manner, and get faster onboarding and time to insights.

Unravel Data announced the general availability of its 2022 Fall Release of the Unravel Platform. With this new release, users of the Unravel Platform are now able to leverage several new capabilities, including support for Google Cloud BigQuery and Cost 360 for Amazon EMR. These new capabilities are designed to help users boost the efficiency of their public cloud spend, simplify troubleshooting across their big data ecosystem, and improve the overall performance of their data applications.

Virtana announced it is integrating its flagship Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) solution, VirtualWisdom, into the Virtana Platform. Virtana Platform is a unified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform that can consolidate several products into a single tool, helping customers overcome tool sprawl challenges. As part of its continued work, the company has integrated over a decade of on-premises monitoring expertise into the easy-to-use, SaaS-based Virtana Multi-Cloud Insights Platform.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Cepton, ALP.Lab GmbH (“ALP.Lab”), and TE Connectivity announced the completion of a proof-of-concept project that confirms the ability of an integrated system to warn drivers of unseen hazards ahead. Named “Periscope,” the project successfully extended a driver’s field of view by using lidar sensors mounted at the intersection to “look around the corner” and warn of a wayward pedestrian approximately five seconds before they would be visible otherwise. The project uses Cepton’s intelligent 3D lidar perception, ALP.Lab’s expertise in system integration, testing, and data analytics and TE Connectivity’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solution.

Anaconda announced that Snowpark for Python, which embeds Anaconda’s data and machine learning packages in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, has entered General Availability (GA). Snowpark users’ seamless access to Anaconda’s curated package repository helps address two of the biggest challenges data scientists face using open-source software: Meeting InfoSec standards and managing package dependencies in their computing environments.

In other Anaconda news, the company announced a collaboration with Domino Data Lab to integrate Anaconda’s secure Open-Source Software (OSS) repository into the Domino platform. The partnership will allow researchers and data scientists using Python and R to create, use, and reproduce code, models, and insights with teams easily and securely.

Apptio announced the expansion of its Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Apptio will expand its AWS footprint, and AWS will continue to offer Apptio’s products directly to its customers in AWS Marketplace, making it easier for shared customers to access industry-leading cloud services and giving teams greater confidence to make the best decisions for their cloud spend and usage.

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announced that Charmed Kubeflow, Canonical’s enterprise-ready Kubeflow distribution, now integrates with MindSpore. MindSpore is a deep learning framework open-sourced by Huawei. It offers AI-native execution modes, fully using the computing power provided by Huawei’s hardware. Charmed Kubeflow is an end-to-end MLOps platform with optimized complex model training capabilities designed for use with Kubernetes. The new, native integration with MindSpore provides access to unified APIs and end-to-end AI capabilities for model development, execution, and deployment.

ChaosSearch announced several new platform integrations with Datadog and Cribl. With these new partnerships, organizations can leverage the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform to simplify storing, searching, and analyzing massive amounts of operational data. In addition to the newly announced partnerships, ChaosSearch has also added SQL Trino API access for relational workloads, allowing for both operational and analytical questions of a single, unified dataset. 

Deci announced a new strategic collaboration with Intel to accelerate the journey toward more scalable AI. By combining Deci’s proprietary Automated Neural Architecture Construction (AutoNAC) technology with Intel chip architectures, the two companies seek to optimize deep learning inference, enabling developers everywhere to build, optimize, and deploy more accurate, fast, and efficient models for the edge, data center, and cloud.  

DH2i  announced a partnership with Software AG Government Solutions. A trusted provider of FedRAMP solutions, Software AG Government Solutions, will integrate DH2i’s DxEnterprise (DxE) Smart High Availability Clustering software into its FedRAMP-authorized cloud to achieve near-zero downtime within its own SQL Server Availability Group (AG) Kubernetes cluster.

Kensu announced a partnership with Collibra and the availability of an integration between the two solutions. Kensu’s observability capacities will enrich Collibra’s Catalog with clean, trustworthy, and curated information to enable business users and data scientists to make business decisions based on reliable data.

TIE Kinetix announced that it has joined SYSPRO’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) ecosystem. This will enable SYSPRO users to utilize TIE Kinetix’s FLOW Partner Automation platform to further digitize their supply chain automation processes and automate the exchange of their electronic documents. This extended capability complements and augments SYSPRO’s ERP supply chain solution to enhance specific enterprise business processes.  

Traction Ag announced its acquisition of Granular Business, a Corteva Agriscience product. The acquisition adds Corteva’s industry-leading farm management technology to the Traction Ag accounting system. This will allow for a seamless experience with best-in-class farm operations and farm accounting to see practical and actionable insights while reducing the administrative burden on users.

Veza announced that its Core Authorization Platform is now available to purchase in AWS Marketplace. Veza helps organizations visualize identity-to-data permissions on AWS, so customers can answer the critical security question – who can take what action on what data. Veza has also joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) to deliver secure, scalable, and reliable services to organizations operating on AWS and has achieved the AWS Security Competency in the Identity & Access Management category. 

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