CallMiner Introduces New Real-Time Analytics Client Service Platform


New interaction analytics modules will provide customer intelligence using the Eureka platform engine.

Customer engagement and speech analytics platform provider CallMiner announced at Customer Contact Week 2018 that they are launching the new CallMiner Eureka platform and 5 new analytics modules: Analyze, Coach, API, Redact, and Alert.

The modules are powered by the Eureka data mining engine and are designed to meet all of a company’s customer intelligence needs both real-time and post-contact. They are AI-driven and use the Eureka data processing engine that was upgraded earlier this year. By having all of the modules available on one platform, customers get the benefits of better operability, faster enhancements, and shared management.

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“Our new analytics modules were aptly named to focus on the key pillars of engagement analytics – Analyze, Coach and Alert, plus API for data integration and Redact for security,” said Bruce McMahon, Director of Product Management at CallMiner. “Deploying all of these modules on the scalable and elastic Eureka mining platform is the culmination of our 2018 goal of a true cohesive platform concept with full product and data integration.”

According to the company’s announcement, key features of each of the new modules include:

Analyze –Analytics app for analyzing trends, discovering root cause, and configuring AI-supported contact classifications and predictive scores.

Coach – Performance management portal providing direct automated feedback to supervisors and agents.

API – Comprehensive APIs for contact/data ingestion and data extraction for app integration and development. Built to integrate into AI and machine learning programs.

Redact – Removes PCI and sensitive data from call audio and transcripts to help retain compliance and data security.

Alert – Real-time monitoring, alerting, and AI-driven next-best-action recommendations. Delivered as an API stream for app integration.

The new platform is currently available.

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