Case Study: Edelman’s Pitch for Data-Driven Understanding


Today’s marketing and PR agencies run on data, and that data needs to be visible and accessible on demand.

Name of Organization: Edelman

Industry: Marketing

Location: Chicago, IL

Opportunity or Challenge Encountered: Marketing and public relations isn’t what it used to be. A business defined by building client lists on Rolodexes now relies on web and social media interactions to provide marketing intelligence and data analytics.

Such is the case with Edelman, the world’s largest agency with close to $900 millions in billings in the most recent reported year. The agency runs on data, and needed a way to ingest and harmonize multiple data points, across various tools, and then model these disparate sets – all in real time.

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The agency needed to be able to connect, streamline, and automate reporting across various web analytics and industry tools. Its marketing team needed accurate, real-time, cross-channel information for multiple client accounts. In addition, the agency’s marketers sought to develop a reporting system that built value, trust, and transparency on the client side and also create agency alignment and consistency for intelligence gathering.

Meeting the challenge: Edelman sought to bring its real-time data environment through a single platform. The company turned to Datorama’s Marketing Intelligence Platform to help make automated connections to major platform partners to accelerate the sourcing, mapping, and contextualization of data.

The new marketing platform also supports report automation, providing cross-channel reports that provide time-to-extract insight from campaign performance versus. expend time.

Benefits From This Initiative: The agency’s marketers and clients also now benefit from real-time understanding of complex campaign interactions. There is also greater transparency available to marketers and clients, through automated reporting across 130-plus different marketing accounts. There is also a speed factor, as the automated reporting help eliminate 100-plus hours per month of staff time in data pulling and report building.

In addition, Edelman’s analysts and media buyers are now equipped with data and insight that helped drive a 20-30% increases in incremental lift in client revenue.

(Source: Datorama)

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