Cisco and Salesforce Team Up for IoT Collaboration


Cisco’s Jasper IoT platform and Salesforce’s IoT cloud will be integrated.

Salesforce and Cisco announced Sept. 22 they will market solutions that integrate Cisco’s Jasper IoT platform with Saleforce’s IoT Cloud, to enable applications in real-time delivery tracking, condition-based maintenance, and real-time communications.

The alliance “will simplify the customer experience across sales, services and IoT, and empower our mutual customers to be far more productive,” said Ryan Aytay, EVP of strategic product alliances, Salesforce.

Jasper and the Salesforce IoT Cloud will work together to provide visibility and control for connected devices, as well as recommended actions to give customers a full edge-to-edge view of their IoT deployments and services. Jasper provides real-time analytics and visibility while the Salesforce IoT Cloud connects IoT events to Salesforce, allowing them to be used to generate customer insights.

The aim is to allow organizations to leverage billions of IoT data points quickly without worrying about blowing their budget.

“A fleet of connected trucks with IoT devices managed by Cisco Jasper can seamlessly pass data to the Salesforce IoT Cloud. In the Salesforce IoT Cloud, the truck management company can build business logic to provide customers with real-time delivery updates or flag truck maintenance issues that need to be addressed,” Salesforce explained in the announcement.

Cisco and Salesforce also plan to enable their joint customers to communicate seamlessly in real-time through chat, video and voice without the need to install other apps by integrating Cisco Spark and WebEx into the Sales and Service Cloud. They’ll also join Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Enterprise with the Salesforce Service Cloud.

The IoT integrations will be completed and available in the second half of 2017 and pricing will be announced then.

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