Collaboration Seeks to Bring AR to the Enterprise


Enterprises are looking to use augmented reality (AR) for training, guided workflows, remote assistance, and data visualization.

Augmented reality (AR) has been finding applications in consumer applications, as well as in the retail and maintenance industries. Lenovo and RealWear have announced a collaboration to bring AR solutions to enterprise customers for training and professional development.

Part of the collaboration involved Lenovo certifying RealWear’s HMT-1 device for use on the ThinkReality platform. Lenovo will offer the device on its global sales network, and Realware’s offerings will expand frontline workers’ access to hands-free 2D applications.

The ThinkReality platform is a device-agnostic, cloud-based XR solution designed specifically for enterprises. The suite includes software development kits, developer portal, enterprise integration, and content and device management.

Enterprises can use this platform for things like training, guided workflows, remote assistance, and data visualization. The head-mounted wearable HMT-1 can provide real-time assistance through voice commands and offers more than 200 apps.

The AR collaboration

Lenovo and RealWear want to extend these capabilities to frontline workers who need safe alternatives to ongoing training and professional development. They hope to offer greater safety to these critical positions.

Lenovo’s ThinkReality platform offers a full range of solutions to enterprises, from augmented reality to full virtual reality choices. The new device is another addition to the platform and expands its capabilities in new directions.

Lenovo’s goal is to make it easier for enterprises to build the solutions they need. The company is working to grow its ecosystem to make that all possible, and the partnership with RealWear now offers a field-proven monocular device for deployment.

The platform and all its associated devices are supported by Lenovo Integrated Solution Services (LISS). The end-to-end service platform supports relevant hardware, software, and services. The partnership adds another option for customers making use of these end-to-end solutions and expands both Lenovo’s and RealWear’s impact in the business world.

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