Blockchain Intelligence Group Joins Wall Street Alliance


The Blockchain Intelligence Group focuses on detecting illegal cryptocurrency transactions.

The Blockchain Intelligence Group, which provides real-time search, analytics and risk assessment for cryptocurrency transactions, has joined the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA).

“Big data analytics stands to substantially improve business conducted via blockchains and cryptocurrencies, as they become increasingly utilized within the financial community. The opportunity to work with other members and partners of the WSBA will help expedite innovation and collaboration,” said Lance Morginn, CEO of the Blockchain Intelligence Group.

Cryptocurrency products

The Blockchain Intelligence Group, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has developed three cryptocurrency products targeted towards compliance professionals in the government, law enforcement, and Fintech sector:

BlockBits: Provides real-time search and data analytics for blockchain transactions.

BitRank: A proprietary wallet scoring system using an algorithm to risk-score  the safety of pending Bitcoin transactions.

Qlue: Detects suspicious activity within BitCoin transactions.

The WSBA is a non-profit trade association of financial market professionals that promotes  comprehensive adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technology across financial markets. Part of its goal is “to stand as a neutral, unbiased steward of education and cooperation between Wall Street firms,the group said.


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