Digital Transformation in the Fast Lane


Research shows that while many companies are seeing the need for a digital transformation plan, most don’t yet have a full strategy in place.

Our world today is moving towards the digitization of everything. Undoubtedly, the future of our actions and interactions is becoming “all digital, all the time.” For businesses, this digital transformation can be viewed as either an opportunity or a threat. For the opportunistic, it’s a chance to disrupt their industries and gain market share. But for the threatened, the fear of information overload can drive them to irrelevancy very quickly.

Indeed, research shows that while many companies are realizing the need for a digital strategy, the majority don’t yet have a full strategy in place. According to Forrester Research, only one-quarter of companies have a full digital strategy in place, while nearly 60 percent have a limited strategy or are in the process of developing their strategy (“Unleash Your Digital Predator,” Forrester, March 2017).

To adapt and succeed in this new, all-digital world, businesses need to move into the fast lane and evolve their data management infrastructure towards an AI-driven, intelligent streaming platform that can:

  • Sense: Realize that data comes in all different shapes and protocols and needs to be captured in real time, transported in a reliable and agile way, and translated into understandable information.
  • Reason: Evaluate the meaning of the data being captured, and direct the output of that evaluation to the right person or system.
  • Act: Take the output of the reasoning stage and implement the desired action reliably and automatically so businesses can make better decisions.

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