Eurotech Adds Predixion Software as IoT Partner


Agreement will give customers end-to-end hardware and software support to get their IoT applications to market.

Eurotech, a provider of smart devices and machine-to-machine technology, has added Predixion Software to its partner ecosystem. Predixion is a provider of end-to-end edge analytics for the IoT. The announcement, made on July 6, stated that the agreement will give Eurotech’s customers complete end-to-end hardware and software support to help them get their IoT applications to market quickly and securely.

“Eurotech hardware and software helps customers capture valuable data at the edge, and Predixion helps them securely harness the power of that IoT data with analytics solutions,” said Chad Boulanger, VP of Business Development, Predixion in the announcement, “Working together we can help companies deploy IoT solutions seamlessly and take advantage of valuable data immediately.”

Eurotech customers with data visualization needs can now use Predixion RIOT, the company’s real-time, edge-based visual analytics platform. It will allow Eurotech customers to leverage real-time analytics on a variety of devices, gateways and routers right at the edge, without the need to send data to a cloud solution first. This gives them immediate insights. The platform can reside on top of Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framwork and display information from the Everyware Cloud. Predixion also gives customers the capability to write their own custom data analytics applications.

“By working closely with companies like Predixion, our customers can select the right partners to deliver all the building blocks, wrapped up into a full solution, required to create IoT services and applications.” said Jason Walton, Manager, IoT Solutions and Services at Eurotech in North America, on the company’s website.


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