SAP Expands IoT Platform, Leaps Into Edge Analytics


SAP has four new IoT offerings with partners Dell, Hitachi, Telit and OSIsoft.

The ability to analyze or aggregate data at any point along a network – whether an edge device, gateway, or the cloud – is becoming a critical feature of IoT networks.

Famous for its in-memory HANA database, SAP recently took a big leap into the area of IoT edge and cloud analytics, announcing new capabilities for the SAP IoT platform and partnerships with Dell, Telit, OSISsoft, and Hitachi.

SAP’s IoT platform consists of two parts, the IoT foundation for SAP HANA and the IoT intelligent edge processing bundle for the same. The two packages provide data filtering, aggregation and correlation capabilities, and the edge bundle offers data consistency between the edge and the cloud. It also provides an in-memory engine for Hadoop and SIM management.

On May 10, during the IoT World conference, SAP announced four new features for its IoT platform:

Cloud option: Delivers pre-integrated and open IoT capabilities based on the HANA cloud platform and provides smart data streaming, remote data synchronization, IoT services for device message management, and IoT application services to cloud-based environments.

Edge models for business: SAP will partner with Dell to bring a series of edge models to the enterprise. They’ll combine Dell’s Edge Gateway 5000 with SAP’s IoT platform to allow businesses to address operational challenges such as machine productivity, predictive maintenance and business continuity. (Related: IoT architectures for edge analytics).

Smart manufacturing, smart cities, transportation and logistics: SAP and Hitachi will combine their expertise to address these use cases, including capabilities for edge analytics. (Hitachi has recently opened an IoT unit).

Additional data consumption options: SAP will re-sell Telit’s IoT deviceWISE platform and combine it with their own IoT platform to provide tools and resources needed to build and manage an IoT initiative no matter where a company is in the process. They’ll also leverage a partnership with OSIsoft, which offers a PI System designed to capture real-time data using 450 off-the-shelf interfaces. The partnership with OSISoft is designed  to give customers access to the collection, archiving, and distribution of historical IoT data.

“The ability to access and analyze large amounts of data quickly, with high accuracy across a globalized and digitalized world is critical and we needed a truly innovative approach to stay ahead,” Matthias Beier, CIO of EDF Renewable Energy, said in a press release. “We have a constant need to perform machine data analysis along with geolocation mapping and the transactional data from SAP. The powerful analytics capabilities of SAP HANA with operational data in the OSIsoft PI System makes these business needs possible.”


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