The Evolution of Data Integration with the Internet of Things

You can think of the IoT as the concept of having traditionally dumb devices, such as thermostats, car ignition systems, even your power tools, begin to communicate with systems outside of those devices.

Improving Advanced Analytics for Real-Time Decisioning

Advanced analytics – data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics – have long been established in managing risk and detecting fraud as well as in targeting customers.

“Data as New Oil” and the Role of Big Data Analytics 2.0

The concept of “data as new oil” has been recognized as one of the main forces for innovation in various industries over the past several years.

Event Processing in Practice Issue I

In today’s fast-paced environment, business and IT executives must react quickly to constant changes in their markets and operations.

Event Processing in Practice Issue II

The Many Faces of Real-Time Business Insights Complex event processing (CEP) is an evolving technology that is being used to automate and improve a myriad of computing processes and applications.

5 Key Considerations For Operational Intelligence

Technology advancements now make it possible for organizations to stream data and have access to real-time content including clickstream, sensor, and general business transactions.

“Help! I’ve Been Told I’m Supposed to Use the Cloud and Hadoop, But I Don’t Know Why”

There’s a lot of technology wizardry floating around these days, and everyone is expected to get on board. However, that often becomes an expensive mistake for organizations.