GE Digital and HVR Come Together for Smart Manufacturing


The tie-up allows GE Digital’s MES solution users to more efficiently leverage real-time data in the cloud to make faster and smarter business decisions.

Real-time data integration technology provider HVR has announced it has been selected by GE Digital to provide real-time data integration for its Manufacturing Execution System offering. The OEM agreement they’ve entered into will allow MES users to use real-time data in the cloud more efficiently for better business decisions.

GE Digital believes the Industrial IoT, which involves bringing together physical assets and digital technology, to be the next frontier for manufacturers and a necessary addition for success. They created MES to help companies make the transition.

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MES allows factories to adopt industrial IoT and evolve into digitally enabled smart manufacturing plants by providing all the needed infrastructure. Factories can now lower power consumption, speed up production, vary output instantly, and reduce waste while improving efficiency. HVR will help MES customers to easily extract data from on-site environments and send it to the cloud, where they can take advantage of its analytic capabilities. They will also be able to access and react to that data in real-time for better decision making and improved efficiency at scale.

HVR’s technology will enable real-time data upstream and downstream regardless of the data system used, and let MES users run cloud-based real-time analytics for improved operational efficiency and reduced costs. Data integration and migration will be continuous and seamless.

“HVR’s agreement with GE Digital truly unlocks the transformative power of today’s modern data environments on a large scale. This agreement signifies their dedication to enabling customers to be more efficient in their industries with access to real-time information in the cloud,” said Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO of HVR.

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