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Getting Proactive with Streaming Analytics


IBM’s free special report on realizing the full potential of streaming analytics is now available for download.

Businesses today have available data streaming from applications, social media, sensors, devices, websites, and more. Analyzing this data in real-time – rather than storing it and analyzing it later – can provide critical, actionable insights in many operational and functional areas.

Information derived from real-time analytics can be used to identify anomalies and business changes as they occur. Rather than being reactive, streaming analytics lets companies take immediate corrective actions or seize opportunities that otherwise might have been missed. Use cases of real-time analytics performed on streaming data can be found in cybersecurity, financial services, retail, manufacturing, the energy industry, healthcare, and other industries.

Selecting and deploying the right streaming analytics solution is a complicated and time-consuming task. Many companies turn to a technology partner that brings both streaming analytics expertise and in-depth, real-world experience to get the most out of their investment.

This is an area in which IBM has the expertise to provide extensive assistance. IBM Streaming Analytics solves the challenges of setting up and using streaming analytics by providing an easy-to-use cloud-based stream processing service. The solution connects to the streaming data source and target systems and is configured to perform any analytics or data processing operations needed while the data is in transit.

To explore the topic further, RTInsights, in partnership with IBM, has created a special report on the topic. The report discusses the factors to consider when implementing streaming analytics and the various deployment options. Finally, the report summarizes how IBM Streaming Analytics on IBM Cloud can be used to improve operational efficiencies, reduce infrastructure costs, and provide faster time to insight and action.

Click here to download the IBM Special Report, “Streaming Analytics: How to Realize Its Full Potential

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