Graph Analytics News: Katana Graph Secures More Funding


This week’s Katana Graph funding news highlights the growing market interest in graph analytics.

Katana Graph has completed Series A funding to the tune of $28.5 million. Led by Intel Capital and including funding from Walden International (WRVI Capital), Nepenthe Capital, Dell Technologies Capital, and Redline Capital Management, Katana will use this funding to continue its quest to deliver innovative, high-performance scale-out graph processing for graph analytics.

The funding is just the latest news in a critical and growing analytics area. It follows on the announcement last month that TigerGraph raised $105 million in Series C funding.

In general, the entire graph analytics sector is on fire and getting new attention. Gartner named graph analytics as one of its top ten trends last year. The market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 20% through 2027, where industry analysts expect it to reach $2.03 billion that year.

Building out the product

Katana will use the funding to “… accelerate our product roadmap execution and continue to expand the use of our technology across a range of industries and innovative applications,” says CEO and cofounder Keshav Pingali.

Katana’s capabilities include:

  • processing massive unstructured data loads on enterprise data sets
  • managing and integrating complex pattern mining workloads and knowledge graphs
  • Best in the industry performance for complex graph AI, graph pattern mining, and graph analytics algorithms
  • easing the development of high-performance graph development
  • seamless integration of graph querying
  • Support for heterogeneous clusters of computing resources

The latest round pushes Katana’s capabilities into a wide range of industry use. The company is building products for companies that need to push the boundaries of data visualization and insight.

Other forward moves for graph analytics

The seed round will also see Intel Capital investment director Vijay Reddy’s addition to Katana’s board of directors. Redline’s general partner Tatiana Evtushenkova and Dell Technologies Capital president Scott Darling will join as board observers.

The company currently deploys projects with pharmaceutical, fintech, and security enterprise clients. It also reaches into big data analytics, bringing cutting-edge algorithms and emerging storage technology to a confusing and often frustrating area of tech for businesses. The company hopes to build an even more robust product to deliver data value.

Dell Technologies calls Katana “a breakthrough solution that integrates data ingestion, querying, and analytics with unprecedented scale and performance to address the data deluge problem for unstructured graph data.”

The company will continue to expand capabilities and build new solutions to big data processing and visualization. Its product roadmap execution will accelerate thanks to this seed round, and the company is excited to exceed future goals.

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