GridGain Announces New Data Lake Accelerator


The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator is designed for real-time performance and comprehensive scalability.

Apache Ignite-powered in-memory computing solutions provider GridGain has launched  a new data lake accelerator. The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator uses bi-direction integration with Apache to improve data lake access. This approach combines historical and operational data in the same memory computing layer to generate real-time analytics for accelerated business processes.

The accelerator uses the GridGain Unified API and Apache Spark connector to drive real-time HTAP (hybrid transactional/analytical processing) so users can perform transactions and analytics on the same operational dataset.

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“Many of today’s digital transformation and IoT use cases require real-time analytics against a combination of data lake and operational data,” says Abe Kleinfeld, president and CEO of GridGain. “The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator addresses the requirements of today’s businesses to gain instant insight, capitalize on opportunities as they arise and automate decision making.”

The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator has both Enterprise and Ultimate editions. Enterprise includes features built on Apache Ignite that enable easier deployment, management, and securing GridGrain as an in-memory data grid in mission-critical production environments. The Ultimate edition includes backup and recovery features — deployed as an in-memory database in production environments — to support GridGrain. Both support on-site, cloud, and hybrid deployments; they don’t require the replacement of existing databases.

“Many companies have created Hadoop-based data lakes with a view to consolidating data from multiple data sources and serving the processing and analytics needs of multiple use-cases, but have then struggled to generate the expected value,” said Matt Aslett, Research VP, Data, AI and Analytics, 451 Research. “By bringing its in-memory compute functionality to the data lake, GridGain is providing an option for accelerating access to historical and live data to support real-time decision-making.

The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator is available for use with the GridGain Enterprise Edition and GridGain Ultimate Edition. A free 30-day trial of the GridGain Data Lake Accelerator is available from the GridGain Downloads page.


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