A New Public Safety Visualization and Analytics Package


InSight is a new suite of public safety data visualization and analytics tools that supports evidence-based reporting, analysis and decision making.

Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division announced the launch of Intergraph InSight, a new suite of data visualization and analytics software for public safety. The suite supports evidence-based reporting, decision making, and analysis.

Intergraph InSight creates a single source of organizational data which users can share, analyze, and explore using customized dashboards and interactive reports. Companies can use this data to improve operations and resource allocation and help public safety agencies better assess performance.

Many public safety agencies struggle to get data. Staff can’t access what they need, which hampers their ability to problem solve. Intergraph InSight organizes massive amounts of data. It provides 911, police, fire, and EMS agencies with a 360-degree real-time view of operations.

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The company designed Intergraph Insight to eliminate the challenges presented by raw, fragmented, incorrect and incomplete data. The platform provides a completely customizable, strong base for accurate reporting and analysis.

Initially, Intergraph Insight will support Hexagon’s computer-aided dispatch software, used by thousands of public service agencies around the world. Insight will provide a one-stop shop for:

  • Data visualization
  • Playback
  • Spatial visualization
  • Organization
  • Reporting and analysis for small data sets and pre-configured reports for Microsoft SSRS and Microsoft Power BI

It can easily incorporate data from a variety of data points and offers quick data retrieval and data models for data warehouses and subject area data. It’s designed to be user-friendly without steep learning curves for ease of use.

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