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In this week’s real-time analytics news: Intel and a handful of other companies made processor-related announcements at the CES 2023 show.

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D2iQ announced the newest release of its D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). DKP 2.4 includes feature enhancements, version upgrades, and expanded infrastructure support across the leading cloud service providers, enhancing and unifying the management of fleets of Kubernetes clusters across hybrid, multi-cloud, and multi-cluster environments. DKP 2.4 improves security, extends deployment options, enriches the user interface, and enhances multi-cluster and multi-cloud management capability through the following new features:

  • Ability to upgrade DKP clusters on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 
  • Cluster provisioning for Microsoft Azure in the DKP user interface. 
  • Ultra-secure Nvidia GPU deployment. 
  • Fleet management with a single click. 

IBM announced IBM Partner Plus, a new program that reimagines how IBM engages with its business partners through access to IBM resources, incentives, and tailored support to deepen their technical expertise and help speed time to market. IBM Partner Plus is central to the company’s hybrid cloud and AI strategy and aims to empower partners to help clients automate, secure, and modernize their businesses. IBM will increase its capacity to support partners by doubling the number of partner-facing brand and technical specialists to help them prospect and win additional client business.

Aporia announced the launch of Direct Data Connectors (DDC). DDC is a new technology to monitor machine learning models in production by connecting directly to training and inference datasets without the need to duplicate any data. With DDC, organizations can monitor every single data point, rather than relying on a sample, to get a more complete and accurate view of their ML system’s performance. This allows them to identify and address any issues in real time, ensuring the reliability and fairness of their models. Aporia’s solution connects directly to the organization’s existing data lake, avoiding the need for expensive analytics databases, and enabling the monitoring of billions of predictions at minimal cloud costs.

Intel announced its 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processors that bring superior performance and experiences to mobile platforms. In total, Intel introduced 32 of the new processors with a range of features and capabilities. For IoT edge native applications, the Intel Atom processors x7000E Series, Intel Processor N-series, and Intel Core i3 N-series bring deep learning inference, graphics, and media processing. These processors are used in retail signages, kiosks, point-of-sale systems, portable medical imaging devices, office automation equipment like copiers, and in safety and security devices like entry-level network video recorders and AI boxes.

Seeed Studio, an NVIDIA NPN preferred partner, introduced reComputer J40 series powered by the new NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX system-on-module. reComputer J4012 is a hand-size edge AI device powered by Jetson Orin NX 16GB, which delivers up to 100 TOPS of AI performance. The full system comes with a rich set of IOs: 4x USB 3.2, M.2 key E, M.2 Key M, HDMI, GbE-RJ45, RTC, CAN, 40-pin GPIO, as well as an aluminum case, cooling fan. reComputer J4012 will be preinstalled with JetPack 5.1 and 128GB SSD. Customers can leverage NVIDIA’s Jetson software to boost AI development for embedded AI solutions.

Real-time analytics news in brief

1NCE announced the creation of its software business unit in conjunction with the launch of 1NCE OS – IoT software offering developer tools and device control to make IoT more accessible. 1NCE OS is designed for easy integration of 1NCE’s connectivity and software features into IoT projects of any scale for new and existing projects alike. Using 1NCE OS for device and cloud integration, customers can accelerate time-to-market for IoT projects by months. The software tools are an integral part of 1NCE’s Lifetime Flat service and are available complimentary to 1NCE customers.

Aetina has launched its new NVIDIA Jetson-based series of embedded systems and platforms powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX and Orin Nano system-on-modules (SoMs). These new Aetina DeviceEdge systems and platforms are a set of embedded computers designed for use in AI and IoT, ideal for running AI inference tasks in different verticals.

Arcion announced its real-time integration connector for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (Sybase ASE). This new extension to the Arcion CDC platform enables high-volume database migration and real-time data replication with guaranteed delivery, 100% transactional integrity, and sub-second latency, with zero downtime. As ASE approaches the end of mainstream maintenance, Arcion CDC offers enterprises a range of new options for modernization. With the addition of this new connector, Arcion now supports CDC out of all databases from the SAP ecosystem: Sybase ASE, HANA, and IQ.

CData Software announced the certification of a new Power BI Connector for CData Connect Cloud, expanding access to hundreds of data sources and destinations for Power BI users in the cloud. Certified by Microsoft, the CData Connect Cloud Power BI Connector enables Connect Cloud users to access and analyze more of their disparate cloud data from within their Power BI dashboards. With simplified live access to hundreds of data sources and applications, anyone across an organization can make informed business decisions knowing that they have the most current, reliable information available in Power BI.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Confluent announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Immerok. Immerok is a leading contributor to Apache Flink, a technology for building stream processing applications and one of the most popular Apache open-source projects. With Immerok, Confluent plans to accelerate the launch of a fully managed Flink offering that is compatible with its managed Kafka service, Confluent Cloud. Thanks to Flink, Kafka Streams, and ksqlDB offerings available natively on Confluent, customers are expected to soon have access to the three leading stream processing tools designed specifically to process and enrich data in real time.

Quadric and ams OSRAM announced a strategic collaboration. Quadric’s Chimera general-purpose neural processors (GPNPUs) offer the ability to handle both machine learning graph processing and classical data-parallel C++ algorithms in a unified architecture, bringing advanced on-device AI capabilities to edge-based applications. Through the partnership, the companies aim to develop integrated sensing modules combining ams OSRAM’s leading edge Mira Family of CMOS sensors for visible and infrared with Quadric’s novel Chimera GPNPU processors.

Plainsight announced a collaboration with MarineSitu to create vision AI monitoring solutions for the Blue Economy, enabling Marine Energy devices to coexist harmoniously with aquatic life. Plainsight’s managed services and vision AI tools will be integrated with MarineSitu’s user-friendly underwater camera and sonar software and hardware for faster, lower-cost video processing, analysis, and alerting. This partnership will deliver underwater intelligence to MarineSitu users and customers, reducing environmental risks and mitigating negative impacts across the Blue Economy.

Privacera announced that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data and Analytics Competency status in the Data Governance and Security category. This designation recognizes that Privacera has demonstrated proven technology or expertise that helps customers achieve their cloud data and analytics goals. To receive the designation, AWS Partners must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.

TDK Corporation announced the acquisition of Qeexo, a company focused on the automation of end-to-end machine learning for edge devices. Combining Qeexo’s expertise with TDK’s leadership positions in sensors, batteries, and other critical components will enable the creation of system-level solutions addressing a broad range of applications and industries.

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