How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Customer Experience


It is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) can play a critical role in deriving customer insights, improving the consumer experience, and gaining customer trust.

Artificial Intelligence is a boon for all types of businesses. More companies are becoming interested in learning about artificial intelligence’s underlying mechanics and how to apply the technology to improve consumer engagement and experience. Many big, as well as small organizations, use AI to enhance their customer experience. Have you ever wondered why businesses are rapidly adopting AI technologies?

Before proceeding further, let’s look at some of the AI trends and statistics: 

  • In 2021, 76% of businesses planned to prioritize AI and machine learning in their IT budgets.
  • According to 43% of enterprises, their AI and Machine Learning (ML) initiatives were the best decisions that they have ever made. While on the other hand, some people have said that AI and ML should have been their top priority.
  • This year, 50% of businesses aim to spend more on AI and ML, with 20% indicating they will considerably increase their budgets.

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Artificial intelligence and its role in improving the customer experience

Customer experience, brand image, and retention can all be improved with artificial intelligence. While it isn’t a substitute for human interaction, it can assist enhance efficiency and removing low-hanging fruit from your customer support employees’ plates, such as addressing frequently requested inquiries. 

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Using artificial intelligence, you can also break down communications barriers and automate customer interactions by using other technologies such as machine learning and deep learning.

Let’s Discuss How AI can help you to enhance your customer experience. 

AI provides personalized user experience

Brands may acquire a much more precise picture of their customers by using AI and ML technologies which helps in acquiring and analyzing social, historical, and behavioral data. Unlike traditional data analytics tools, AI is able to predict client behavior by regularly learning and improving from the data it analyses. This enables businesses to deliver extremely relevant content, which as a result, increase\s sales prospects and improves the customer experience. AI-powered personalized search increases the chances of an increase in sales and even helps customers to get their preferred product at no time.

AI can help to resolve customer problems faster

Customers don’t expect to get satisfaction immediately when completing a purchase, but they expect to get fast service and support. More than 90% of customers considered fast customer response as an essential part of their overall experience. Companies have also understood this fact. That’s why they have started setting up customer care support centers to give a seamless experience to their users.

Chatbots play a vital role in this. They are specifically made to gather user preferences and purchase behavioral information so that they can provide answers according to it. Chatbots are built to stay one step ahead of the user and provide a flawless experience and prevent any possible problems before they arise. They are used to answer queries, provide research ideas and guidance, or provide relevant assistance with order placement.

Predictive behavior analysis and real-time decisioning

Predictive analytics is the technique of making estimates using statistics, data gathering, and forecasting. AI employs predictive analytics to create real-time insights that direct the engagement between a customer and a brand, thanks to its ability to evaluate large amounts of data in a short period of time. This is known as predictive engagement, and it necessitates an understanding of when and how to contact each consumer, something AI excels at.

Real-time decisioning can help you promote to your customers more effectively. For instance, providing ad blockers with alternative UI components is one example of real-time decisioning. Another example is tailored suggestions, which are utilized to provide customers with more relevant content. Brands may utilize artificial intelligence and real-time decisioning to recognize and comprehend their customers’ intents on a real-time basis which allows them to offer different relevant offers.

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Create customer insights based on data

AI can evaluate data and derive customer behavioral patterns. This information can be used to construct customer personas, preferences, dislikes, and businesses can even suggest to customers similar products which they are more likely to purchase. Apart from this, it helps businesses in showing readers the most relevant content.

AI gets crucial for organizations in targeting large customers because the more you understand the customer, the more you will be able to provide exceptional services as per their expectations.

The following are some of the data points that an AI program can monitor:

  • Previous interactions with customers
  • Geographically specific occurrences
  • Purchasing patterns
  • Interactions with people on the ground
  • Personality variables
  • Sources of referrals

Avoids employee burnout problems

AI technology does not require sleep, does not require breaks, and does not get tired. You can utilize them 24/7. It can quickly pick up new skills and work persistently to maintain a high level of performance and production. 

Normally the tasks which we allot to employees are completed at a maximum time, while the same task can be performed through AI in minimum hours. AI help your employees in completing their work with ease and without feeling tired at all. That’s why it gets necessary to deploy AI in the working environment. It also helps employees in improving their interpersonal skills and storing their work on a daily basis. 

AI accelerates security and makes monitoring efficient

There have been numerous concerns raised regarding the emergence of AI, which could result in a loss of privacy for users. In light of the available evidence, there may be particular concerns about data privacy, but the benefits of the technology will always outweigh these concerns. These are some of the examples of how AI has changed the way of living.

  • Through AI-based cryptographic encryption methods, business-to-business and customer-to-customer communication is now safer than ever.
  • Drones equipped with artificial intelligence have made public life safer and more secure. 
  • Hackers won’t be able to break into the systems because of the AI firewall network, which detects unwelcome incursions immediately. 
  • Customers nowadays have a high level of trust in internet banking because they know their data is protected by an AI security system.

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It is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) plays a critical role in improving consumer experience and trust. If your clients are wary of the current model your company is offering, identify the possibilities of incorporating AI into your business with the goal of increasing involvement, awareness, and conversions.

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