How to Generate Richer Business Insights Through Streaming Analytics

streaming analytics

Cognitive and analytics systems draw and deliver inferences on behaviors and patterns in real-time, leveraging streaming analytics engines.

Today’s generation of cognitive and analytical solutions have, and will continue to have, and outsized impact on business systems, thanks to their ability to deliver insights as they are requested by decision-makers or systems.

Many of today’s game-changing solutions provide in-depth insights – ranging from understanding customer intentions, to bolstering healthcare measures, to understanding systems performance – at the moment they are needed, which often means in real-time. Cognitive and analytics systems can dive deep to draw and deliver inferences on behaviors and patterns.

Streaming analytics bolsters insights

But these cognitive and analytical engines don’t operate in a vacuum. They require data, and lots of it, to fuel their engines, with much of it fed on a real-time basis. That’s why behind every successful cognitive system or analytical engine is a streaming analytics engine – providing real-time data that is tapped and delivered from any and all selected sources. The success of the various forms of cognitive computing – from artificial intelligence to machine learning to deep learning – rests on the ability to access data that provides a continuous flow of knowledge by which programs and algorithms can adapt and renew.

A new generation of streaming analytics solutions is making such capabilities possible, and with availability in the cloud, is accessible to any existing business environment.

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