IBM and ServiceNow Partner on AIOps for IT


The joint solution will free up time and IT resources from maintenance activities, allowing IT staff to focus on projects that bring more value to the business.

IBM and ServiceNow announced that they have expanded their strategic partnership to combine Watson AIOps with ServiceNow’s IT Service Management and IT Operations Management Visibility. The goal is to help companies reduce operational risk and lower costs by applying AI to automate IT operations.

Specifically, the solution is designed to help businesses realize deeper, AI-driven insights from their data, create a baseline of a typical IT environment, and take succinct recommended actions on outlying behavior to help prevent and fix IT issues at scale. This will free up time and IT resources from maintenance activities to focus on driving the transformation projects necessary to support their businesses’ digital demands.

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In making the announcement, IBM put the use of AI for IT and AIOps into perspective. “AI is one of the biggest forces driving change in the IT industry to the extent that every company is swiftly becoming an AI company,” said Arvind Krishna, Chief Executive Officer, IBM.

A Natural Application for Watson

Watson AIOps leverages machine learning, natural language understanding, explainable AI, and other technologies to automate IT operations. When it was introduced in May,  IBM said:

“Watson AIOps leverages IBM’s leading natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand the content in tickets to identify and extract resolution actions automatically. As a new issue is identified, Watson AIOps will identify similar past incidents and provide the recommended next best actions to address the current issue to restore service. With the insight from Watson AIOps, predictive and proactive capabilities can be leveraged to drive more automation, shifting operations teams to higher-value work.”

Watson AIOps correlates disparate data across your toolchain to derive hidden insights and help you identify incident root causes faster. Eliminating the need for multiple dashboards, insights and recommendations are fed directly into your existing workflows so you can rapidly resolve IT incidents.

By monitoring data in real-time, Watson AIOps can provide deep insight and visibility as complex problems evolve to allow teams to diagnose and resolve mission-critical issues more quickly. Watson AIOps uses pre-trained AI models tuned by data from your existing IT monitoring tools to give your teams valuable new insights specific to their environments.

Focus on the Solutions

This week’s announcement builds on the partnership reviously announced by IBM and ServiceNow to help enterprises simplify IT operations for multi-cloud environments. The new joint solution will be available later this year from IBM.

The joint IT solution marries IBM Watson AIOps with ServiceNow’s intelligent workflow capabilities and ITSM and ITOM Visibility products. Companies using ServiceNow ITSM can push historical incident data into the deep machine learning algorithms of Watson AIOps to create a baseline of their normal IT environment while simultaneously having the ability to help them identify anomalies outside of that normal. Such processes could take a human up to 60% longer to manually identify, according to initial results from specific Watson AIOps early adopter clients. The joint solution will position customers to enhance employee productivity, obtain greater visibility into their operational footprint, and respond to incidents and issues faster.

Available later this year, a new joint solution will combine IBM’s AI-powered hybrid cloud software and professional services to ServiceNow’s intelligent workflow capabilities and market-leading IT service and operations management products.

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