Big Easy and the IoT: Ingenu LPWA Network Launches in New Orleans


The new network will support industrial IoT projects for the oil and gas industry, such as pipeline monitoring, as well as smart city applications and logistics.

Ingenu, a provider of IoT connectivity through low-power, wide-area networks, announced their  “Machine Network” is now live in New Orleans.

The “Machine Network” uses Ingenu’s Random Phase Multiple Access technology, which is a low-power, wide-area network. The RPMA tech provides connectivity across a wide variety of environments including remote and harsh locations.

Ingenu’s  machine networks are expected to cover 30 major metropolitan areas by the end of the year.

“The Southern US is an important region for the Machine Network as it is where most of the country’s goods are manufactured, transported and delivered,” Tom Gregor, Ingenu’s president and general manager of Machine Network, said in a release. “We are excited to bring the power of RPMA connectivity to the New Orleans metro area to further enhance the capabilities this thriving industrial market has to offer.”

New Orleans has always been home to a successful shipping and logistics industry, and it is expected to take advantage of the new network for industrial IoT applications. The region’s oil and gas industry, for instance, will make use of the network to analyze and monitor pipeline usage.

The new network will also support smart cities applications. The New Orleans Machine Network will cover 240 square miles and serve a population of nearly one million people, Ingenu stated.

Ingenu offers an RPMA DevKit , a plug-n-play development platform. It includes Python-based APIs and standard GPIO interfaces that are designed to make developing and testing IoT solutions on the network fast and easy.


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