Ingenu Lays the Groundwork for Smart City in Phoenix


Ingenu plans to provide IoT to connectivity to Phoenix, a city of 3.1 million, with only 10 access points on a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN).

Machine connectivity provider Ingenu has announced the launch of a machine network in Phoenix, Arizona. It will provide IoT connectivity to the city of 3.1 million, the country’s sixth largest.

 “Adding this type of smart city technology is a real advantage for our economy,” said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton in a press release. “Private networks and machine-to-machine connectivity will help Phoenix, and other cities working to become more sustainable to find new efficiencies and cost savings.”

The network is powered by Ingenu’s Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) technology, a low-power wide-area network that enables wireless machine-to-machine communication. The tech, which uses the global 2.4 Ghz ISM band, is designed to enable reliable connectivity in challenging operating environments. In the case of Phoenix, only 10 RPMA access points are needed to serve the entire city, Ingenu says, which is substantially less than what cellular coverage would require. It also offers low power usage and battery life up to 20 years, the company says.

“The majority of applications are for things you never see, such as remotely controlling traffic lights, parking meters and handling security at a remote oil drill,” Landon Garner, Ingenu’s chief marketing officer, told the Phoenix Business Journal.

Ingenu says its RPMA tech will serve over 30 major cities by the end of 2016, including Dallas, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Currently it provides over 100,000 square mileage of coverage. The technology has been used for quickly restoring power during blackouts, smart streetlights, and condition-based maintenance.


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