Webinar Preview: How to Overcome IoT Challenges

IoT challenges

How do you get an IoT project off the ground?

Internet of Things projects can be highly difficult to move out of the pilot stage.

A project might look stellar as a concept proof, but when it comes to repeating that success throughout the enterprise, classic IoT challenges such as interoperability, security and data integration can be roadblocks.

“Almost anything can break when you move from pilot to project,” explains Lis Strenger, senior principal marketing manager at Red Hat. “But it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Strenger will speak at a Feb. 8 webinar on “The Internet of Things Takes Shape” along with experts from IDC, who will share the latest research on challenges with IoT projects and how to overcome them.

The webinar will explore issues such as:

  •  What teams should be involved in IoT projects?
  • How to plan a project objective.
  • Designing longevity and interoperability into a project.

Customer use cases in the IoT will also be explored, including:

  •  Enhancing the customer experience through use of mobile apps and beacons, such as “smart mannequins” in retail.
  • How one company planned and deployed an IoT system to create an entirely new line of global business services.
  • How one business deployed an intelligent IoT architecture involving gateways to gain real-time operational intelligence, thus enhancing its ability to streamline logistics.

To register for the webinar, click here.

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