Kore and Telarus Join Forces For Wireless and IoT


Kore and Telarus will combine their strengths to bring new IoT solutions to their channel partners.

Kore has joined the Telarus Supplier Portfolio, and the two companies will join forces to create new IoT applications and services featuring Kore Power Solutions to serve the wireless and IoT needs of their customers. Telarus provides supplier partnerships while Kore brings a single platform delivering global connectivity to the table, along with its portfolio of carrier relationships and hardware such as mobile devices and tablets.

Telarus is a major technology services distributor in the US. They have a portfolio of 160  data, cloud, voice and managed services providers and they work to help their partners create the right tech solutions for their customers. They believe teaming up with Kore will help it address the growing needs of the IoT market and strengthen its portfolio and bring together sales partners, customers and prospects.

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“Enabling businesses to easily purchase and adopt IoT solutions is a constant business goal at KORE,” said Jason Rutherford, Chief Revenue Officer at Kore. “As IoT grows in both business and operational impact, we are seeing an increasing number of companies realize their need for secure connectivity solutions and services. We are excited to partner with a company like Telarus, whose dynamic agent-partner community can help bring our solutions to a large and diversified group of clients and customers.”

“The IoT market is forecasted to be more than $14 trillion in the next several years. KORE is enabling our sales partners to go after this exploding market by offering secure, bundled connectivity solutions and a single management platform for millions of devices,” added Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “As Telarus continues expanding our cutting-edge mobility and IoT practice, proven companies like KORE help our partners engage in new areas of revenue growth.”

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