Tetrate Announces Latest Release of Service Bridge Platform


Enterprise service mesh provider, Tetrate, has announced the general availability of its Service Bridge platform, an all-in-one service mesh service.

Enterprise service mesh company Tetrate announced the general availability of the Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) – Golden Gate release. 

TSB is an application connectivity platform that aims to provide enterprise clients with a unified way to connect services across a mesh network environment. 

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The platform has been available since April 2021, but the general release combines an API gateway, web application firewall and the service mesh into the management platform, providing further unification for application managers.

“Application architectures are increasingly becoming distributed in nature,” said Varun Talwar, co-founder of Tetrate. “When combined with the need for multi-cloud infrastructure, managing application networking and security policies is a complex problem. 

“TSB elegantly simplifies the solution with its management plane, a layer that binds the runtime system to the users and teams in your organization. Enterprises can implement controls for regulatory requirements with confidence and maintain many unrelated teams on the same infrastructure without shared-fate outages.”

TSB is built as an on the edge platform, which sits between Kubernetes workloads and computer clusters. From there, users can use a single management platform for connectivity, security, and observability. 

“Somewhat paradoxically, application networking is most valuable when it is unseen—simple to provision and operate, and unobtrusive, yet elastically scalable and secure across highly distributed environments, not getting in the way of developers and their applications,” said Brad Casemore, vice president for Research, Datacenter, and Multicloud Networking at IDC.

“With the latest release of Tetrate Service Bridge, Tetrate is responding to this need, bringing increased simplicity to centralized control over edge-to-workload connectivity spanning multiple clusters, clouds, and compute resources.”

Tetrate is known for the management and creation of Istio and Envoy, two popular service mesh tools build on the Kubernetes container system. It cites the U.S. Department of Defense, FICO, CNCF and Square as customers.

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