Kyvos Insights Updates Business Intelligence Platform


Kyvos Insights announced on Thursday version 5 of its cloud-based business intelligence platform, with improvements to scalability.

Kyvos Insights announced on Thursday version 5 of its cloud-based business intelligence platform. The new update improves on Kyvos’ OLAP with instant response time and “unlimited” scalability for large businesses.

For large-sized businesses, the introduction of elastic scalability for querying makes it easier to scale up or down, depending on the size of data loads. It also improves segmentation of workloads, reducing the likelihood of one team’s queries slowing another’s down.

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The improvements in scalability directly improve Kyvos’ real-time intelligence, by increasing the number of data sets that can be analyzed. The update allows businesses to run real-time queries before it enters the cube, resulting in quicker and deeper insights.

“Most large enterprises have either moved applications and/or data to the cloud or plan to move these in the next few years. Kyvos delivers sub-second responses for most queries using almost any size or type of data, making it possible for these enterprises to build high-performing, cost-effective BI on Big Data solutions in the cloud,” said Claudia Imhoff, president of Intelligent Solutions.

Other features in the update include an improved analytics program that provides data insights for business analysts, which can then be used for auto-tuning or as cube design optimization. Data stored in data lakes can now be profiled using a machine learning program, which can optimize the data, transform it or add it to the cube.

Kyvos Insights will be presenting version 5 at the AWS re:Invent Conference, taking place November 26-30 in Las Vegas.

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