AI Job Skills In Big Demand


Many businesses believe they need AI, but one of the biggest challenges is finding talent.

In an annual report on jobs of the future, LinkedIn said roles in artificial intelligence are continuing to increase, as more industries look for people with those skills.

AI roles encompass a wide range of industries, from academia and research to in-house engineers and programmers. Some may be contracted to build a program, others as on-site technicians that remain long after the initial deployment.

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There is already a skills gap in AI, which may be the reason for the slow general adoption of AI tools by businesses. Plenty of businesses believe they need AI, but one of the most common issues is finding talent, understanding its usefulness, and having a deployment plan.

“Many jobs that have risen up as a result of AI in fields like cybersecurity and data science,” said Guy Berger, principal economist at LinkedIn. “Because it’s is so pervasive many roles may demand more knowledge of AI than you may think.”

With more businesses implementing AI in their business, LinkedIn also sees soft skills as becoming an essential part of an employee’s portfolio. “Communication, creativity, and collaboration are virtually impossible to automate,” said Berger, so they will be valuable to businesses that have already transitioned some of their business to AI.

It’s difficult to figure out the endpoint for a lot of the AI tools on offer today, as we are only just starting to see them implemented in business. However, some experts believe they are too narrow to reach the gargantuan heights prophesied, and because of that we will enter a period of lower AI investment and development in the next five years.

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