A Partnership to Deliver Robust, Comprehensive IoT Security


GlobalSign and Intrinsic will integrate their security technology into the Longview IoT solution to guard against attacks before they happen.

Longview IoT is partnering with GMO GlobalSign, an identity and security solutions provider for the Internet of Things, and with Intrinsic ID, a digital authentication technology provider for IoT security. The trio plans to integrate their respective security technology into Longview.

This collaboration supports a proactive approach to providing enterprises with an IoT security solution that stops cyberattacks before they occur. Longview offers a comprehensive solution of customized sensors, gateways, cloud analytics, and industry targeted apps. The solution doesn’t require companies to buy new servers or hire dedicated IT staff to manage it. Everything arrives pre-configured for use out-of-the-box.

Enhancing IoT Risk Mitigation Against Cyberattacks

The Longview IoT solution features a customizable dashboard for real-time asset tracking and analytics. Industries that benefit from the system include oil and gas, construction, medical, smart buildings, smart cities, utilities, and other sectors. The system sends alerts via text or email.

Longview’s platform includes three security layers.

  • Layer one: LPWAN’s LoRaWAN, 128-bit encryption, and a boon for areas with low/ zero WiFi or cellular connectivity
  • Layer two: Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF, a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) that generates a device-specific key based on the anomalies of each semiconductor, a process similar to human fingerprint
  • Layer three” two security certificates from GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform and provisioned by its IoT Edge Enroll Solution

The third layer protects the device in the supply chain and data transmitted on the LPWAN network to enable a secure, connected ecosystem for each of Longview’s IoT devices with Strong Device Identity. The final layer of comprehensive data security includes data storage on a private, secure cloud infrastructure.

“We have made IoT security the utmost priority with Longview throughout the entire solution, from our sensors to the cloud, and into the field,” says Brad Bush, managing director of Internet of Things for Carnegie Technologies. “Working with GlobalSign and Intrinsic ID ensures that businesses and users are protected by best-in-class technologies at every point in the system, ensuring that our solution is secure and future proof for enterprises of any size.”

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“Sound security depends on a hardware-based root of trust, and Longview’s use of Intrinsic ID’s software IP ensures device identities are unclonable and makes it possible to secure the IoT solution at the factory,” said Pim Tuyls, chief executive officer of Intrinsic ID. “We’re pleased Longview chose such an aggressive security strategy as it goes to market with its IoT solutions.”

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