People Power Announces New IoT Tools


New software and cloud tools will allow service providers to offer home security, energy and care services.

IoT-as-a-service provider People Power announced on Sept. 12 the launch of a new IoT suite aimed at giving service providers the ability to offer home security, energy and care services.

“The People Power IoT Suite is a marriage of a people-centric and a mobile-first mindset that works to solve real problems occurring in daily life. Whether that’s addressing the need for affordable home security, home care or energy management, our IoT suite allows service providers and manufacturers to quickly add value,” said Gene Wang, CEO of People Power, in the Sept. 12 announcement. “The IoT Suite is designed to deliver program services that are loved by end users and business customers alike.”

The People Power IoT Suite is made up of four distinct software offerings that are designed for seamless integration. They enable business customers to connect, engage, deploy and manage IoT services for smart homes from a centralized dashboard. The four tiers are:

  • Presto — an open-source software development kit and a list of open APIs to allow manufacturers to connect IoT devices quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Virtuoso — provides the app framework for Android and iOS to allow users to manage their deployments and related IoT services from anywhere with unified device control.
  • Symphony — a cloud-based IoT service that can be personalized and offers real-time analytics and the ability to connect to a variety of social networks for sharing, cooperation and competition.
  • Maestro — The suite’s all-in-one command center, which supports end users and keeps them engaged with challenges and incentives. This makes consumer IoT programs easier to manage.

People Power will be demonstrating the People Power IoT Suite at the CEDIA Expo 2016, Sept. 12-17.


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